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Pennsylvania's UniLect Flop ... and Flip Flop

Unilect Patriot Re-examined and Decertified! ... or not .. yes, decertified.
1) Oct 2, 2004, Citizen groups pay to have the Unilect Patriot voting machines re-examined.

2) Nov 2004, Unilect Patriot paperless voting machines malfunction severely in Mercer County, Beaver County, and Greene County

3) Jan 24, Governor's office announces the re-examination of the machines, stating that only one of the citizens who paid for it will be allowed to observe

4) Feb 5, Citizens who paid for the re-examination announce the event

5) Feb 8, Independent Study reveals 2004 UniLect Patriot meltdown in Mercer County, PA.

6) Feb 16, Patriot re-examination reported in the news - Patriot fails

7) April, The official evaluation written by Michael Shamos, the examiner hired by the state

8) April 7, PA decertifies the Unilect Patriot. CONGRATULATIONS, Pennsylvania!

... but then ...

9) April 15, UniLect President persuades the state to give his voting machine a second chance to pass the tests. But what about the voters?

10) April 29, Secretary of the Commonwealth Cortes reaffirms the decertification of the Unilect Patriot

... the system we have for testing and certifying
voting equipment in this country
is not only broken, but is virtually nonexistent.
~ Michael Shamos
to the U.S. House Science subcommittee
on June 24, 2004

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