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Kitchen Cabinets; Switchin' Candidates
A tale of two standards

Ellen Theisen, November 22, 2007

The Products
Flawed toaster Flawed iVotronic voting machine
Applica Consumer Products Inc., of Miami Lakes, Fla.,made and sold VersaToast wide-slot toasters under the Black & DeckerŪ brand. Election Systems & Software makes and sells iVotronic electronic voting machines under their own brand.
Flaws and Dangers
The heating element in these toasters can continue to operate after use, posing a fire hazard. The voting components in these iVotronics can continue to select candidates after use, posing an election hazard.
Problem Reports
There have been nine reports of fires associated with these toasters after consumers had finished toasting their bread, resulting in minor property damage to kitchen cabinets. There have been hundreds of reports of votes changing on these machines after voters finished making their selections, resulting in major concerns about the election outcomes.
Injury Reports
One minor injury was reported to the firm, but it has not been confirmed and is under investigation. One major election perversion was reported in the 2006 Congressional election in Florida, but it has not been confirmed and is under investigation.
The company accepted responsibility for the malfunctioning of the flawed toasters. Voters were held responsible for the malfunctioning of the flawed iVotronics.
Official Remedy
Consumers should unplug and stop using these recalled toasters immediately. For more information on receiving a refund, consumers should call Applica Consumer Products Inc. Consumers should quit being "sore losers," allow election officials and vendors to control the counting of the votes, and accept whatever results are reported by these machines.

Take Action. It's time to call for accountability in the machinery of our electoral system. Please sign the petition in support of VoterAction's call for Congressional investigations into blatant and destructive commercial fraud in the electronic voting machine industry.

No one votes unassisted on a computer;
everyone is "assisted" by anonymous programmers.
~ Mark Ortiz

former candidate for U.S. Representative
North Carolina, 8th District

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