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Select Bibliography - Election Reform Issues

Select Bibliography - Election Reform Issues
February 2005
Compiled by Pokey Anderson
Pokey @ kpft.org

Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections
VotersUnite.Org. Second Edition, January 2005. By Ellen Theisen
Essential Information for Those Entrusted with Making Decisions about Election Systems in the United States.

How To Fix a Broken Electoral System In Six Easy Steps
CommonDreams.Org. November 19, 2004. By Bruce F. Cole

How They Could Steal the Election This Time
The Nation, Cover Story. August 16, 2004 issue. By Ronnie Dugger

Statement Against the Use of Money Allocated under the Help America Vote Act for the Purchase of Electronic Voting Systems for New York
WheresThePaper.Org. October 18, 2004. By Teresa Hommel

Advantages of Paper Ballot/ Precinct Based Optical Scan Voting Systems Over Electronic Touch Screen Voting Machines
New Yorkers for Verified Voting

Md. Computer Testers Cast a Vote: Election Boxes Easy to Mess With
Sun (Maryland). January 30, 2004. By Stephanie Desmon
This test by former National Security Agency experts showed that Diebold DREs could be attacked by someone with a modem and a laptop; they could enter the database, change vote totals, and exit without a trace.

Even a Remote Chance?
VotersUnite.Org. January 10, 2005. By Pokey Anderson

How to Hack the Vote: the Short Version
By Chuck Herrin

Endorsement of Over 2000 Technologists for a Voter-Verified Audit Trail

Will Your Vote Count?
WISH-TV Indianapolis - An I-Team 8 Investigation. By Rick Dawson and Loni Smith McKown
One notable portion of the series is: Excerpts from Interviews with MicroVote Executives

Voting Systems Organizations and Companies
Extensive Notes By Lynn Landes

Malfunctions and Miscounts, Sorted by Vendor

Ohio, New Mexico, North Carolina, Washington State, The Nation - 2004

Election Incident Reports
EIRS: Now over 40,000 reports for November 2004, including map of frequency

Congressman John Conyers' letter to Ohio Secretary of State J. Kenneth Blackwell
December 2, 2004. Congressman John Conyers.

Details 34 questions about the Ohio election, which Blackwell has declined to answer.

Preserving Democracy: What Went Wrong in Ohio
The Conyers Report: Status Report of the House Judiciary Committee Democratic Staff. January 5, 2005
Executive Summary

What Are They Hiding in New Mexico?
National Ballot Integrity Project. January 19, 2005. By Warren Stewart

North Carolina's Ballot Blues
Raleigh News and Observer. November 26, 2004. By Joyce McCloy

Evidence of Election Irregularities in Snohomish County, Washington General Election, 2004
By Paul R. Lehto, J.D., and Jeffrey Hoffman, Ph.D.

The 2002 Mid-Term Election

All the President's Votes?
Independent/UK. October 13, 2003. By Andrew Gumbel

One Of The First Warning Bells - 1988

Annals of Democracy - Counting Votes
The New Yorker Magazine. November 7, 1988 issue. By Ronnie Dugger


30-Minute video of voting anomalies and investigations ? free online

US map of some of the 2004 election anomalies
2-page flyer with complete references on the second page.

Ohio map of some of the 2004 election anomalies
2-page flyer with complete references on the second page.


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