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Train Wreck 2006

June 9, 2006 Too Much, Too Fast, More than They Can Chew
Something needs to be done to prevent the train wreck that is a certainty otherwise.

June 6, 2006 Dear Commissioners [of the Election Assistance Commission]
It's now time the Election Assistance Commission assist. Not later this year or sometime next year. Right now.

May 14, 2006 E-VOTING TRAIN WRECK 2006: The Wheels Begin to Come Off
Diebold Disasters Leading to Self-Destruction As ES&S Continues to Meltdown and Miss One Contractual Obligation After Another…

May 7, 2006 E-VOTE TRAIN WRECK 2006: Another Week, Another Wild – and Unfortunate – Ride…
Is Anybody There? Does Anybody Care?

Apr. 30, 2006 2006 E-VOTING 'TRAIN WRECK': Investigations and Problems Continue to Spread
As the Voters Continue to Pay the Price
And as We Continue to Connect the Dots the Mainstream Media Still Won't…

Apr. 23, 2006 The Approaching 2006 E-Voting 'Train Wreck' - Are We Making Headway or Losing The Battle?
While We Continue to Connect the Dots the Media Continues to Fail To…

Apr. 16, 2006 The Approaching 2006 E-Voting 'Train Wreck' Continues On Course
A lot of American Democracy Can Unravel in Just One Week's Time
As We Continue to Connect the Dots the Media is Failing To…

Apr. 9, 2006 E-VOTING 2006: The Approaching Train Wreck
Our Elections are Now Officially 'A National Disaster in the Making'


Democracy is not something you believe in
or a place to hang your hat,
but it's something you do.
You participate.
If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.
~ Abbie Hoffman

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