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Pray with Your Feet:
Participate in Protecting Our Democracy!

The abundance of practical problems with electronic voting is not the fundamental violation of our democracy. The fundamental violation is that when computers are used to record and count votes, ordinary people cannot observe the process.

For a democracy to thrive, all citizens must be able to observe the casting of their ballots and the counting of their votes, not just observe computers processing their votes in secret.

Take Action Now!

Avoid straight-party voting.
Read why. Then tell your friends in the 15 states that allow straight-party voting.

Ask your candidates to sign the pledge.
Ask them to stand for you as you stand for them.

Endorse paper ballots for every vote cast.
Join in the call for observable ballots.

Participate in the New Project Myth Breaker.
Dispel the e-voting misinformation that abounds in America by joining with other activists throughout the nation to hand-deliver copies of "Myth Breakers: Facts about Electronic Elections" to ALL local election officials. Pass it on to legislators, the public, and the media as well.

Become informed.
After you read Myth Breakers, read why VVPB is not enough, information on ballot programming concerns, machine malfunctions sorted by vendor, and more ...

Democracy is not something you believe in
or a place to hang your hat,
but it's something you do.
You participate.
If you stop doing it, democracy crumbles.
                                   ~ Abbie Hoffman

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