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Take Action: Speak Out to Congress Now!
Insist on Hand Counted Paper Ballots for Federal Offices

VotersUnite! in partnership with the National Ballot Integrity Project is proposing Emergency Measures to Protect the 2004 Vote Count. Join with us and make a difference. Contact your U.S. Senators and Representative.

to Take Now!

Insist that they INTRODUCE and support
full transparency in the federal election of 2004.

Federal Paper Ballot Emergency Act of 2004 (proposed provisions)

(1) All votes for Federal offices President, Vice President, U.S. Senators, and U.S. Representatives shall be cast on paper ballots for the November 2004 general election.

(2) All such votes cast on November 2, 2004 shall be hand counted in public view from the original ballots at the polling places where the votes were cast, and the manual count shall constitute the official count of the votes.

(3) Hand-counted, polling place totals for all Federal offices shall be prominently posted at the polling places before the ballots are transported to the central facility.

(4) In any jurisdiction where votes for Federal office are cast on punch card or optical scan ballots and also counted by machine, the machine totals for Federal offices shall also be prominently posted at the location where the votes are machine-counted.

(5) All absentee votes and early voting votes for Federal offices shall be cast on paper and hand counted in public view from the original ballots at a predetermined, publicly-announced place and time, and the totals shall be prominently posted at the central election office immediately on completion of the counting.

(6) Precinct results shall be tallied manually or using off-the-shelf products, such as calculators or standard spreadsheets.

Legislation text to print

Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution gives Congress the power to alter the times places, and manner of holding elections for Congress.

While the Constitution gives state legislatures the power to determine how electoral votes will be assigned, a July 14, 2004 report by the Congressional Research Service ("Executive Branch Power to Postpone Elections") has pointed out that Supreme Court case law gives Congress the power to protect the integrity of the Presidential election "whether threatened by force or by corruption." In addition the "equal protection" clause in Amendment 14 (along with the non-discrimination in 19, 24, and 26) has been interpreted to mean that Congress can prevent discrimination in access to voting.

Full transparency in the form of this proposed legislation is necessary both to protect the integrity of the Presidential election and to prevent discrimination in access to voting.

Contact your Representative and Senators immediately and urge them to introduce and support these measures to prevent a national crisis.


Insist that your legislators understand ...

  ... a questionable, unauditable election in November could lead to massive court challenges and tear the country apart. (Supporting News Articles)

... an electronic federal election will result in a national crisis in November, regardless of the election outcome.

... it is the responsibility of Congress to avert a national crisis. This legislation will avert that crisis.

Intellectuals solve problems,
geniuses prevent them.
~ Albert Einstein

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