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Take Action: Review Delivery Stories and Pics!
At the April 20 kick-off, 41 small grassroots groups in 22 different states hand-delivered copies of "Myth Breakers for Election Officials" to their local election officials.

In addition, all 169 Connecticut Registrars have received copies -- sent to them by the President of the Registrars Association!

Here's a smattering of what happened then and what's happening now. If you have pictures and stories of your delivery, send them!

See where the kick-off took place.

Somewhere in OK, MO, or AR

I brought my two dogs yesterday and felt like an American Patriot through and through... Then i got Lost!!!

Trying to get to Fayetteville AR and Wound up in Missouri and Only One of my copies with me as this was supposed to be my Quick trip day!

Yikes! From now on i'm going to have All my copies in the way back! So when my subconcious brings me Everywhere at once...at least i'll be prepared!


I saw i didn't have a pen to leave a personal note so i put Zeke Hoskin's "No way to do a Recount" on top with the Pages of personal testimony from your "sign up page?" it was 6 pages of first hand accounts with CT very Awesome initiative to get Myths Breakers into every election offficial's hands...Hint hint,,,nudge nudge, wink, wink.

Put it under the door...knocked again and left... Took from 9 to 1:30 to get there tho! Can't wait to do Kansas on Wednes.!!!

Someone warn them...heh. heh

Collaboration - ain't it fun!
Des Moines

I took the book into my auditor Sharon McCrabb (R). She was so glad to get it because she is going to a vendors fair May 5 - 7 in Des Moines. I looked at the book myself. It was very well written with warnings and solutions. Our auditor will have to replace our voting machines because they are no longer made. This book came in the nick of time.

Washington at large

We started at 7:00 am and hit four counties in southern Washington (Cowlitz, Lewis, Thurston, and Mason), as well as the Secretary of State's office in Olympia. At each place we managed to mention something in the Myth Breakers that they didn't already know. Both of us feel really good about the Auditors we talked with. They were open to receiving the information and clearly care a great deal about running a careful and accurate election. Both of us were wearing VotersUnite! t-shirts. John is 6'7" and I'm 5'3, so picture that.

Two of the Auditors told us that they had received the SAAVE letter from the SoS office -- the letter recently sent to Congress opposing a paper trail and signed by such people as Jim Dickson and Linda Lamone. So when the State Elections Director and Assistant SoS seemed to agree with all that we said, we wondered why they had distributed the letter to all the Auditors. hmmm.

Oklahoma at large

Fabulous! I just took a look at the OK Counties list. Joni - Did you go all the way up to Miami? I saw Ottawa Co. starred on the list. Is that one already done or on your Monday list? I'll be traveling to LeFlore Co. next week and will do as many as possible along I-40 and south including Seminole and McAlaster (don't know the Co. names.)

[Later] So far, we have delivered to Logan, Cleveland, Pottawatomie, Payne, Tulsa, and Oklahoma counties.

Iowa at Large

Well, my sister drove 130 miles today and delivered to 3 counties. One gal had apparently read the press release. She'd heard of VotersUnite!

I created a page for Project Myth Breaker on Blog for Iowa.

Delivering the Facts
Davenport, Iowa

The delivery to Scott County was part of the Iowa Myth-Breaking Event.

Read about the TV coverage and the reception by Karen Fitzsimmons!!

Salt Lake City

The document wound up being kind of bulky so I stopped at Kinko's and got it nicely bound and made a copy of page vi and stuck it to the front as a cover sheet. I talked to one of the staff at the Salt Lake County Election Clerk's office, and he told me that they had already received a copy. "Good" I told him "here is another one all nicely bound" and then discussed the points on the cover page especially the problems other communities had experienced. He seemed interested and promised to pass it along to the Clerk.

VotersUnite! follow up -- they're listening! Sherrie Swensen is the Salt Lake County Clerk and on the State Election Commission. She is featured in an April 23 news article as the most outspoken opponent of the DREs. The article mentions something not often pointed out in news articles -- that the Commission is concerned about ten years from now when it will have to replace obsolete equipment without federal funds. This is one of the "hidden costs of DREs" pointed out in Myth Breakers.


I think it went pretty well considering there were just a few of us there. It sounds like we might need/want to get in touch with the county commission. Channel 13 showed up and did an interview with me. There was a nice article in this morning's Gazette by Scott Finn, who interviewed Hedda.

Jennifer Bundy with the Associated Press called me this morning and is doing a story.


I said i would Remember my Camera! Did i? Noooooo!
I spoke with the Secretary (did i get her name? Nooooooo!)
The office secretary said that i might want to deliver it in OKC as they had jurisdiction over Tulsa...i mentioned back that there were 3 Volunteers delivering them at 1 p.m. as was i. Her eyebrows shot up at that! *FUN!

When she said "Well we won't be dealing with Electronic Voting"...i pointed to the bit you sent [about Oklahoma's HAVA plan considering DREs] and she looked mighty impressed and sort of murmured as how that might happen... All in All Fun! When can i do it again?


I just got back from delivering the Myth Breaker document to our BofE. They asked where have we been! They were happy to get this information and I had them take a picture of me in front of the Board of Elections building holding the document.

I also spoke with Senator Fedor this a.m. and reminded her of this document and she said she would copy it and hand it out at a Caucus meeting she was attending today. When she gets to Cleveland on Friday, I will discuss in further detail how her office can help us spread this document around Ohio.

Christiansburg, VA

The registrar wasn't there, so we delivered the document to two of his assistants. I just spoke with him today, to follow up. He said he made copies of the document and gave a copy to each member of the electoral board.

Winston Salem

Guys, first of all, I want you to know how proud I was to present a copy of Myth Breakers to my local election director. I wasn't optimistic, and it didn't look like my Director of Elections was going to give this a grain of salt. Anyway, I pointed out that Ellen had talked with election directors all over the country. Also, that vendors were inflating the prices of the equipment.

Then we talked about "The Election Center". I showed her a printout of page 13 of its Form 990 that listed Sequoia Pacific and donations of $10,000 a year 4 years in a row. I think I left with her more receptive. I dropped a lot of names and situations with her, so that she knew I knew what I was talking about.


Just wanted to confirm that I did deliver Myth Breakers to Montgomery County election officials. They thanked me and were grateful to get it.

Oklahoma City

Delivered to Cleveland Co Secretary of Election Board, Paula Roberts, also (so that makes a total of 3 plus Tulsa makes 4 copies delivered). Paula even remembered me from 8 or 9 years ago when I was politically active!! Our State Secretary, Michael Clingman, was fabulous! He knew his stuff, doesn't want to change from optical scan, has investigated several options for the handicapped and language limited ... Jim Vernon, visually handicapped, gave an Excellent pitch and I think Clingman was impressed! Left one at the OK Co office of Doug Sanderson, also. He was not in.

Oklahoma City Oklahoma City

More pictures of the Oklahoma City kick-off...

Oklahoma City

It went very well! Our State official is totally on the ball, and could not have been happier to see us. Well, I am thinking he was happy after he learned what we wanted to share with him. He was very pleased, he is very excited about group support for the upcoming issue of 2006, he believes states are being rushed, and he wants to be kept in the loop in regards to our activities Nationally!

Fairfield, CT

Just got back from a Tech meeting...almost all the Registrars there have downloaded Myth Breakers. They're grateful for your work. Also, our President's a Top Election Official. He's very impressed. [Later] Actually our President has said that all 169 Towns now have it!

Idaho Falls

I won't have pictures but I did deliver the document to the office of the Election official in Bonneville County, Idaho. Tomorrow I'm going to try and hit 3 maybe 4 more county seats. I'll just keep plugging away until I get them all.

Port Orchard, WA

I went to visit my County Auditor this morning at 10AM. She is a very dedicated Election Official. She is of the opinion that only fellow Election Officials know anything about elections or the systems to be used. She also believes everything that she is told by state and NASED and the Election Center. She does not believe anything that I tell her, even though it is backed up by provable fact. She takes 'Myth Breakers' as a criticism of election officials.

With all of that said, she is very knowledgeable and I trust any election that she runs. She also says that she will not allow any system in the county that the voter can't trust.

No pictures taken but I put the MB in a white 3-ring binder with the "VotersUnite!" swoosh on the cover.

Findlay, OH

I delivered Myth Breakers to the head of our Board of Elections here in Hancock Co. Ohio. I can make and mail a few more copies if you want.

North Carolina

I delivered to the following election officials:

Cherie Poucher, Wake Co. - Tuesday 1:00 PM
Don Wright, State BOE - Tuesday 1:15 PM
Gary Bartlett, State BOE - Tuesday 1:15 PM
Michael Ashe, Durham Co. - Tuesday 2:00 PM
Carolyn Thomas, Orange Co. - Tuesday 2:30 PM

Friday, I hope to deliver a copy to Teresa Davis of Johnston County.

Port Townsend, WA

There were seven of us, and we had a comfortable chat with our County Auditor. Several of us have talked with her before, and so she knew of our great concerns about DREs. It seemed like she might think that this document was just the same old stuff she's been hearing, so I said, "Do you know about ballot templates for the blind." She looked up and thought for a minute. So I explained them to her. I said, "You might find other things in there that you would want to know." I hope she reads it. Sadly, the press didn't show up.

Port Townsend

Fort Lauderdale

I visited the Supervisor of Elections office in Broward (I got there at 2 after I printed the copies and YES GOT MY VOTERS UNITE TEE SHIRT!!!!!:-) The supervisor was out of town this week, but I handed it to the assist supervisor of elections and I told her what it was all about and she was thrilled. She promised she would give it to Brenda Snipes the sup and make copies for all the officials on the staff.

She and I posed for a photo with my tee shirt in front of a beautiful statue of liberty baas relief in the office with the myth breakers being handed to her. After the photo everyone applauded and asked where they could get a tee shirt.:-)))))))! I will get it to you when I develop it in a few days. I might be going to Washington with the Voting Lobby.

I then proceeded upstairs to the Broward County Commission who are really the ones who are responsible for purchasing the voting equipment.They greeted me very well. They sent out the Mayor of Broward's sect'y to gladly accept the myth breaker docs. I told her to make copies for all the commissioners and distribute it to them. She thanked me and said she would gladly do it. Everyone was happy I came there and grateful for the documents and I walked away with lots of nibblies.

Los Alamos

Verified Voting New Mexico (vvnm.org) had excellent visits to three county clerks (not many but that's about 10% of the state including the capital). I'm enclosing a photo of us with one county clerk in Los Alamos, Nita Taylor. We spent about an hour and half with her and the local reporter took pictures. We also are delivering the document to her expected replacement when she retires.

Los Alamos


I was going to say "mission accomplished," but when I thought about what happened last time somebody said that, I decided I'd better not. :) I managed to give "Myth Breakers" to Mr. Kauffman, and gave him a reasonable summary of what it was. He shook my hand warmly enough at the end, and I believe that he'll read it.


Mission Accomplished

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,
committed citizens can change the world;
indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.
                                    ~ Margaret Mead

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