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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
12/1/2009 E-pollbook GA Muscogee County. Computers used to look up voters were operating slowly, taking minutes to complete what should have taken seconds. Delays forced some voters to use provisional ballots. Story Archive
11/4/2009 Late counting GA Diebold Fulton County (Atlanta). Memory cards from seven e-voting machines were left in the machines overnight. The roughly 200 votes were counted Wednesday afternoon and did not affect the outcome of any races. Story Archive
11/3/2009 E-pollbook GA Fulton County. About a dozen voters were left off the rolls because their addresses were not in the system. One voter's address has too many letters to enter it completely with the GA department of driver services, so it was incorrect in the registration database. Story Archive
12/2/2008 Registration errors GA Diebold Muscogee County. A database from the Nov. 4 election was duplicated for use in the runoff held on 12/2. It showed people who voted early for the November election as having already voted in the runoff. The problem most likely was caused by a malfunctioning machine called a "duplicator." Story Archive
11/10/2008 Voter challenges GA The citizenship of about 4,770 voters was challenged. This means they had to prove their citizenship to their local elections board. About one-third of them did not do so and their ballots will be thrown out. Story Archive
11/4/2008 E-pollbook GA Fulton County (Atlanta). In north Fulton County, some voters had to vote provisional ballots because the election database showed they had already voted. They had not. Story Archive
11/4/2008 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Fulton County (Atlanta). In South Fulton County, all voting machines at the Bible Way Ministries precinct went down for about an hour and then the polling place ran out of printed ballots and paper provisional ballots. The voting machines were working again an hour later. Story Archive
11/4/2008 Voter intimidation GA Fulton County (Atlanta). About 20 senior citizens, many of them using wheelchairs or walkers, were turned away from the polling place at Wheat Street Towers when it opened and told to come back later, said the manager of the senior housing complex and one of the residents. A sign was posted at the entrance to the polling place, inside the complex, that voters 75 and older could vote only between 9:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. even though voting hours are 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. A spokesman for the Fulton County elections office said, “That is completely incorrect.” He said voters with disabilities and 75 and older are allowed to go to the front of the line between those hours but there is no limit on when they can vote. Story Archive
10/31/2008 E-pollbook GA Atlanta. Voter check-in machines couldn’t access the Secretary of State’s system shortly after 7 p.m. on Thursday night. 500 people were waiting in line and 10-15 of them left before the problem was fixed two hours later. Story Archive Story2
10/28/2008 E-pollbook GA Fulton and DeKalb Counties (Atlanta). Long lines (up to 8 hour wait-times) were caused by problems with the computerized poll books. Elections officials in Fulton, Gwinnett, DeKalb and Cobb counties said the state’s computer system crashed at times and was very slow, bogging down the process. Story Archive
10/24/2008 Ballot printing GA Gwinnett County. The oval on the absentee ballots is too dark and causes the scanners to tally incorrectly. The 10,000 returned ballots will be tallied by hand. The county is reprinting 19,000 ballots to send out for new requests. Story Archive
10/23/2008 E-pollbook GA Diebold Fulton County. Electronic check-in poll books at the North Fulton Government Center and other county polling places lost their connection to the state's database, officials told CBS 46’s Joanna Massee. The malfunction created a big headache for election workers and long waits for voters. Story Archive
10/14/2008 Vote suppression GA Karen Handel, Secretary of State, is instituting rules that violate and/or have no basis in law and may suppress the votes, especially of newly registered and minority voters. Story Archive
2/12/2008 E-pollbook GA Diebold "Numerous voters in at least five Georgia counties have complained that there weren't enough e-pollbooks and that the machines crashed or were otherwise inoperable. But an election official in Fulton County, Georgia, where many of the crashes were reported, denied that any machine crashed, and said voters were mistaken." The resulting very long lines caused some voters to leave without voting.

Watch the video at the end of the Story to see the extent of one of the lines. Story Archive

2/7/2008 E-pollbook GA Diebold Muscogee County. 16 voters had to cast provisional ballots because the e-pollbook machine wasn't working properly. Other unidentified "small" problems occurred in another 47 precincts. Story Archive
2/5/2008 E-pollbook GA Diebold Atlanta. Computers used to check voters in kept crashing, causing long lines with up to an hour and a half wait. Story Archive
2/5/2008 E-pollbook GA Diebold DeKalb, Fulton and Cobb counties. Long lines formed at polling places. Additional voter processing stations were added at some locations. Articles suggest the problems were caused by e-poll books -- used to check in voters -- crashing. Story Archive
2/5/2008 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Atlanta. Lines reached 90 minutes long at one Atlanta middle school where equipment kept crashing; elsewhere, voters had to wait in lines of up to two hours and people turned away from polls after seeing how long they would have to wait. At another precinct, voting was delayed when only one of five voting booths were working and election workers had to hand out 75 paper ballots. Elsewhere, a precinct opened only to discover the wrong keys had been delivered with its new electronic voting machines. Story Archive
2/5/2008 Machine malfunction GA Diebold McIntosh County. Diebold e-voting machines failed to work when the polls first opened. Story Archive
2/5/2008 Too few machines GA Diebold Atlanta. Voters complained of too few machines in some polling places, causing long lines. Story Archive
11/9/2007 Voter challenges GA A group in Statesboro, GA., called the Statesboro Citizens for Good Government challenged 909 registered voters on the grounds that as students at Georgia Southern University, they were not residents entitled to vote in city elections. The 909 challenges used an identical form, with a blank space for filling in the names of individual voters, and identical language that "the elector has come to Statesboro, Georgia, only for the temporary purpose of attending Georgia Southern University."

In 1980 a Georgia court had ruled that it was unconstitutional to presume nonresidence because a voter was a student. Nevertheless, the county board of supervisors sustained the challenge and the voters could only vote by provisional ballot. A hearing is pending. Story Archive

11/6/2007 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Fulton County. In the new city of Chattahoochee Hill Country, the TSx electronic voting machines malfunctioned, and after trying for about an hour, the city reverted to using paper ballots for the day's elections. By 8:30 the machines were fixed. Story Archive
11/6/2007 Voter intimidation GA "For the past two weeks the students of Georgia Southern University in Statesboro have been the victims of challenges to their registration, threats, intimidation, and have faced police officers stationed outside and inside early polling places all because they had the nerve to want to vote in local elections." Story
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Bibb County. Vote-switching on Diebold touch screens. Malfunctioning machine taken out of service. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Bibb County. Problems reading memory cards. "The server receiving data from the memory cards had the incorrect host name and wouldn't read the information, Carr said. Technicians were able to fix the problem, which also happened during the July primary." Story Archive
11/9/2006 Malfeasance GA Diebold Bibb County. Malfunctioning Diebold machine taken out of service, put back into use when lines get long. The machine was initially shut down, but when long lines started to develop during the day, it was brought back into use, she said. Voters were told to be careful selecting their candidates and to review their ballots, she said, adding that she didn't think any voters cast incorrect ballots. Story Archive
11/8/2006 Long lines GA Diebold Jackson County. Long lines in Randolph precinct kept the polling place open two hours past closing time. Story
11/8/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold DeKalb, Fulton, and Cobb Counties. Vote-switching on the Diebold touch screen machines. By mid afternoon, 30-40 voters reported that votes for Democrats are switched to Republicans on the screen. Story Archive
11/8/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold DeKalb County. Diebold touch screen machines broke down causing long lines and dozens of voters leaving without voting. A judge ordered voting hours extended at one polling place. Story Archive
11/8/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Effingham County. Undefined Diebold voting machine problems. And, a computer malfunction prevented transmission of the results from nine precincts. Technicians retrieved results through other means. Story Archive Story2 Archive2
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Clayton County. Diebold touch screen problems caused delays. Polling places stayed open late. Story
11/8/2005 Canvass anomalies GA Diebold Rome. Excessive undervote rates on the Diebold touch screen voting machines. 30% undervotes in the school board contest. 15% undervotes in the City Commission contest. Story Archive
11/8/2005 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Fulton County. Diebold touch screen register votes incorrectly on the screen, require recalibration in at least five polling locations. Story Archive
11/8/2005 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Fulton County. Three machines at one polling place switched voters votes. They were taken out of service. "One candidate tells Channel 2, the discrepancy may force a race into an unnecessary run-off." Story Archive
11/8/2004 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Election officials in Twigg and Hancock counties had early-morning difficulties programming the correct ballots into some of their systems. The encoders built into the balky systems "were still encoded for the primaries, and they hadn't been updated," Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Walker County. Delays began early in the day at the Chattanooga Valley precinct with problems with an encoder, which is used to program the voting cards, Walker Board of Elections member Terry Morgan said. Diebold, manufacturer of the electronic voting machines, did not program the encoder properly, he said. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Malfeasance GA Failure to provide a list of early voters to Walker County poll workers delayed the ballot count Tuesday night. Elections workers said they had to check manually to weed out duplicate ballots. Story Archive
11/2/2004 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Twiggs County. Twiggs County voters arrived at the polls today to find they could not cast their votes on the Diebold computerized voting machines. The voting machines were down in all five precincts this morning because of an encoder problem from 7 a.m. until about 9 a.m., according to Twiggs Chief Registrar Linda Polk. Story Archive
11/2/2004 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Beaufort County . There were a number of precincts that had some problems today with the computers, but at one precinct in Seabrook, the computer broke twice within the first hour. According to poll workers, the machines just wouldn't take the ballots. Story Archive
10/30/2004 Too few machines GA Ideally, precincts have one machine for every 150 to 190 active voters, according to state officials and the vendor of the touch-screen units. Gwinnett County's average is 216 voters per touch-screen machine. Clayton County's is 236 active registered voters per machine. [Note: A 50% turnout in Clayton County would allow each voter approximately 3 minutes to vote.] Story Archive
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