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Malfunctions and Miscounts, Sorted by Vendor
These vendor-specific Acrobat reader files briefly describe some of the electronic voting problems publicized in the news prior to 2005. The files contain footnote references to the news articles.

NOTE: Virtually all of the failures described in these files occurred on equipment that was "federally certified," that is, certified by NASED (National Association of State Election Directors).

ES&S Election Systems and Software
179 DRE failures
in 27 pages (pdf)

Vote-Switching Software Provided by Vendors:
Map handout (181 Kb)
Details (125 KB)

Details sorted by state (168 Kb)

Diebold Diebold Election Systems
Sequoia Sequoia Voting Systems
MicroVote MicroVote General Corporation
AVS (WINvote) Advance Voting Solutions
Hart Intercivic Hart Intercivic
Unilect* Unilect Corporation
Danaher Danaher Corporation
VTI Voting Technologies International

OR, browse through dozens of mess-ups: many states, many vendors.

* Thanks to Joyce McCloy of NC Verified Voting for her superb and persistent research, which led to this document.

Thanks to Bill Buccolo for his valuable contributions to several of the vendor files.

Our elections are too important to turn over
to private corporations operating with no accountability
and to electronic voting systems
with a history of errors and security problems.
~ Holly Jacobson

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