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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
12/2/2006 Machine malfunction NJ Sequoia Passaic County. Transferred totals don't match machine totals. "As 2006 election returns were electronically transferred from voting districts to the clerk's office, two voting districts had tallies that did not match the voting totals recorded by the machines, [Passaic County Clerk Karen] Brown said." Story
11/30/2006 Machine malfunction WV ESS Marshall County. A software error prevented the county from tabulating the results in a recount. Story Archive
11/29/2006 Machine malfunction CA Sequoia Riverside County. Sequoia Edge voting machines weren't working. No paper ballots for voters, so some voters used ballots for another precinct and modified them. Long lines, and machines ran out of paper. Some machines were delivered but never became operable for the election. Story Archive
11/27/2006 Machine malfunction AR ESS Cleburne County. Vote-switching. Voters' selections for Mayoral candidate Jackie McPherson were changed on the iVotronic screen to votes for incumbent Paul Muse. Testing confirmed the problem. Story Archive
11/23/2006 Machine malfunction NC ESS Guilford County. "Accessible" features of the iVotronic voting machine failed to provide independent voting for a visually impaired woman who tried it. Story Archive
11/20/2006 Machine malfunction SC ESS Kershaw County. ES&S ballot programming error in the iVotronics. The machines were set up to prompt for two votes in a "vote-for-one" contest. Story Archive
11/19/2006 Machine malfunction TX ESS Smith County. The county's central tabulating computer failed on election night. An ES&S technician removed the hard drive and installed it in another computer, which was used to tally the votes. Paula Patterson, Smith County elections administrator, said, "Computers and other equipment can fail occasionally." Story
11/17/2006 Machine malfunction CO Hart InterCivic Montrose County. Machines broke down in all seven vote centers. Montrose Pavilion was the worst, where 11 out of 12 eSlate electronic voting machines broke down. Insufficient paper ballots were available, so poll workers made copies, which the scanners failed to read. Story Archive Story2
11/16/2006 Machine malfunction MT ESS Flathead County. Optical scanner memory cartridges read by the computers counted all votes for just one candidate. Story Archive
11/16/2006 Machine malfunction TX ESS Williamson County. iVotronic touch screen machines count every vote three times. Story Archive
11/15/2006 Machine malfunction NJ Sequoia Essex County. 24 Sequoia Advantage e-voting machines malfunctioned and were unable to be used in the election. 14 will have to be replaced because of circuit problems. Six other machines experienced switch problems on election day and were repaired in the field by technicians. One of three machines in West Orange broke down for an hour, "but a technician came to the site and showed poll workers how to fix the problem themselves, in case it were to happen again." Story Archive
11/15/2006 Machine malfunction RI ESS Pawtucket. Disabled voters find AutoMARK difficult to use. Ballot-scanners don't accept the ballots. Story Archive
11/15/2006 Machine malfunction TX ESS Williamson County. Williamson County spokeswoman Connie Watson said that computer software counted each electronic vote three times, making the initial reported vote total about 6,500 more than the actual total. Most of the votes in the county were cast on paper ballots. Story Archive
11/14/2006 Machine malfunction AL ESS Baldwin County. Ballot programming error by ES&S. Republican County Commissioner Wayne Gruenloh, running unopposed, was identified as a Democrat on some electronic ballots, so he was awarded Democratic ticket votes, but not Republican ticket votes. Story Archive
11/14/2006 Machine malfunction CO Sequoia Denver. One of two absentee ballot scanners broke down and had to be replaced during the counting process on election day. Story Archive
11/14/2006 Machine malfunction NJ Sequoia Ocean County. Software "glitches" caused votes to be counted twice. "The voting machines appear to have properly recorded votes, but summary reports sent to the county were in error." Officials suggest that the Sequoia software didn't prevent the system from reading results from some machines twice, but they cannot explain how votes from one district were transferred to summary reports in another. Story Archive

11-16-06 update County election officials suspect a software update from Sequoia came with a fault that doubled the count of about 150 ballots cast on a single Barnegat machine, then added 75 votes from that unit to a vote tally in a Lakewood district. "It's not in the machine. It's in the software that tallies the votes," said Gilmore, chairman of the county election board. Story Archive

11/14/2006 Machine malfunction OR ESS Jackson County. ES&S Moel 550 ballot scanners miscount, jam, and fail to read the blue ink they were upgraded to read. Story Archive
11/13/2006 Machine malfunction AR ESS Crawford County. iVotronic votes from one precinct weren't included in the initial tally. Story Archive
11/13/2006 Machine malfunction OH ESS Athens County. M100 precinct scanners failed to scan ballots in at least two polling places. Story Archive
11/13/2006 Machine malfunction SC ESS Greenville County. The county had problems with five of its approximately 1,000 iVotronic voting machines. Some of the machines had loose connections and another had power source problems. The repairs to the machines required a technician from ES&S to drive from Charleston on election night. Story Archive
11/13/2006 Machine malfunction SC Greenville County. The county had to count by hand at least 600 absentee ballots that optical scanners failed to count. Story Archive
11/13/2006 Machine malfunction WV ESS Fayette County. Programming in the ES&S M100 scanners tabulated the votes incorrectly. County Clerk Kelvin Holliday had instituted a cross-checking system and discovered that tallies didn't match. Correcting the tallies changed the margins in several races. Story Archive Story2 Archive2
11/12/2006 Machine malfunction TX Hart InterCivic Nacogdoches County. Eight eSlate electronic voting machines malfunctioned on election day. One broke down while a voter was using it. Vendor technicians were called to fix it. Story Archive
11/11/2006 Machine malfunction AR ESS Poinsett County. Candidate for mayor of Waldenburg voted for himself on the iVotronic, but the tally shows he received no votes. Eight or nine other people said they also voted for him. Story Archive Story2 Archive2
11/11/2006 Machine malfunction ID ESS Bannock County. M100s couldn't read ballots. "voting machine malfunctions caused serious election night complications." Scanners failed to recognize the ink recommended by the manufacturer. One scanner broke down. Story Story2 Archive2
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction AR ESS Carroll County. Officials had trouble merging totals from early voting, absentee ballots, and election day. ES&S technician didn't know how to help them. Story Archive
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction CA Sequoia Tehama County. A computer malfunction incorrectly labeled 500 paper polling-place ballots as absentee ballots. The Sequoia representative didn't know the cause of the problem. Assistant Clerk and Recorder Bev Ross said she was told machines had been incorrectly set to receive information for the wrong type of machine, although she wasn't certain of the cause Thursday. Story Archive
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction CA Diebold Mendocino County. Diebold memory cards were corrupted, losing votes counted on optical scanners. Ballots will be recounted in the canvass process. Story Archive
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction FL ESS Charlotte, Sumter, and Lee Counties. Excessive "undervotes" in the contest for state attorney general. 21%, 22%, and 18% respectively. Officials speculate that the contest was not obvious on the ES&S iVotronic screen, but wonder why voters didn't notice the undervote on the review screen. Story Archive

Note: In other counties using the iVotronic (Broward, Miami-Dade), voters complained that the contest did not appear on their screens.

11/10/2006 Machine malfunction IN Marion County. Doris Anne Sadler, Marion County Clerk, is unable to retrieve the votes from 520 ES&S iVotronic machines. The explanation? That is because the voting machine maker, ES&S, had programmed the machines for Pennsylvania's polls, which were open from 6:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. Story
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction NJ Sequoia Ocean County. Votes from one Sequoia Advantage memory cartridge were counted twice "and some were also added to vote totals for the U.S. Senate, county freeholder and county sheriff races in Lakewood." The problems, officials said, all stemmed from a fault in computer software provided by Sequoia Voting Systems." Story Archive
11/10/2006 Machine malfunction NV Sequoia Nye County. Flawed programming on the Sequoia touch screen system caused tally problems. The tally program would only read header cards in precinct order, and not all the precinct numbers are used in the county. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction AK Diebold Anchorage. Diebold memory cards malfunctioned. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction FL Sequoia Hillsborough County. An unknown cause hindered votes from being retrieved from three electronic voting machines. Sequoia technicians fixed the problem. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Bibb County. Vote-switching on Diebold touch screens. Malfunctioning machine taken out of service. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Bibb County. Problems reading memory cards. "The server receiving data from the memory cards had the incorrect host name and wouldn't read the information, Carr said. Technicians were able to fix the problem, which also happened during the July primary." Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction KY Hart InterCivic Bell, Bullitt, Breckinridge, Henry, LaRue, Livingston, Marion, Pulaski, Union, Warren, Wayne, Webster and Woodford Counties. Scanners used to read absentee ballots weren't working properly. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction KY Hart InterCivic Scott, Woodford, Bourbon, Boyle, Bullitt, Daviess, Grant and Nelson Counties. Trouble combining totals from the old Danaher 1242 machines and the new Hart InterCivic eSlate machines caused headaches and long hours for election officials. Democratic House Speaker Jody Richards yesterday called the new electronic voting machines "horrible." Story Archive Story2 Archive2
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction KY Hart InterCivic Vote-switching on the Hart InterCivic eSlate e-voting machine was reported to the Attorney General. The eSlate is not a touch screen machine. Story Archive
11/9/2006 Machine malfunction ME Diebold Waterville. Diebold scanners malfunction. Results show 27,000 votes in a town with 11,000 registered voters. Story Archive
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