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Take Action: Meet with County Leaders!
Insist on Hand Counted Paper Ballots for Federal Offices

... make every component
of administering your voting system
as transparent as possible.
~ U.S. Election Assistance Commission
Best Practices Toolkit

Transparency means that ALL election processes can be observed by ordinary people -- that people can observe the process of counting votes, not just observe computers processing votes. Transparent procedures will:

- Increase the likelihood of an accurate vote count.
- Avert a questionable federal election and national crisis.
- Reduce the potential for legal challenges to the elections in November.

VotersUnite! in partnership with the National Ballot Integrity Project is proposing Emergency Measures to Protect the 2004 Vote Count. Join with us and make a difference. Dedicate the time to meet with your county leaders, in a co-operative way, and work toward:

Actions to Take

And ...

Hand-counted paper ballots for federal offices!

Emergency Measures
To Protect The 2004 Vote Count

These measures will help assure voters that votes were counted correctly and will help protect counties from potential legal challenges to their elections.

a. All votes for federal offices will be counted by hand, in public view, at the polling place before they are transmitted or transported to a central facility.

b. Precinct totals will be prominently posted at the polling place before the ballots are transmitted or transported to a central facility.

c. Ballots may be counted and aggregated electronically, in addition to the hand-count. However, in any case where a discrepancy exists, the hand-count will be considered the official result.
Voter-confidence is at an all-time low. By doing this manual count, they can assure their constituents that the votes have been counted correctly.

Both major parties are forming networks of lawyers ready to challenge questionable results. By conducting a manual count of votes for federal office, counties can protect themselves from potential legal action.

It would take less than an hour in each precinct and could potentially save the county hundreds of hours and enormous expense defending themselves in court or confirming results by doing full recounts.

In precincts with paper ballots, no material changes are required.

In paperless precincts, federal offices could be removed from the electronic ballot, and a simple paper ballot could be used for the two or three federal votes. The cost will be minimal.

A combination of electronic and paper ballots was used without problems in Pompano Beach, Florida in March 2004. If it can be done for a wordy ballot, it certainly can be done to avoid a national crisis.

See additional procedures for optical scan machines.

The ultimate authority ...
resides in the people alone.
~ James Madison

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