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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction NC Unilect More than 4,500 Carteret County votes have been lost on a Unilect electronic voting machine. The vendor said it would hold 10,500 ballots. It would only hold 3,005 and 7,530 people cast their ballots on it. Story Archive

Nov. 30. Carteret County will hold another election to determine the winner of the agricultural commissioner's race. Story Archive

11/4/2004 Machine malfunction NC Mecklenburg County. Before the election, the county election office said 102,109 people voted early or returned valid absentee ballots. Unofficial results from election night showed 106,064 of those votes. Story Archive Machines mistallied.
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction NC ESS In Craven County, all vote totals in nine of the county's 26 precincts were electronically doubled, increasing the totals for president by 11,283 more than the number of votes cast. Correcting the mistake changed the outcome of at least one race. ES&S Votronic machines used. Automatic warning of double-counting didn't work. Story Archive
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction NC In Onslow County, a software error changed the order of finish in the race for seats on the county commission. The error didn't change who won the seats, just the order in which they finished. A floppy disk that compiles voting data from the counting machines was programmed incorrectly. Story Archive
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction NC In Yadkin County, about 1,000 ballots were accidentally counted twice. Story Archive
11/4/2004 Voter intimidation NH Wolfeboro. Several residents with Kerry/Edwards signs in their yards found roofing nails in their driveways the morning of the election. Police started a criminal investigation. Story Archive
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction OH Knox County. Kenyon College student Maggie Hill appeared on the "Today Show" Wednesday morning. She was one of hundreds of students and other Gambier residents who waited for up to 10 hours to cast their votes. Observers in the Gambier precinct said there were only two voting machines for 1,300 voters. Each machine, they said, is designed to handle 20 voters per hour. Story
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction SC Unilect Lancaster County. A malfunction stopped the computerized tally late Tuesday night about a third of the way through, and elections officials said they were unable to restart the procedure. After hours on the phone with technical support people from the manufacturer of their Patriot Unilect voting machines, a printout of each voter's ballot was successful, they said. However, results had to be counted by hand. Story Archive
11/4/2004 Machine malfunction TX ESS Wichita County. More than 6,900 of about 26,000 ballots - mostly early votes - did not record votes for president with 10 of 52 precincts reporting. Similar problems were noted on all other races. Election officials believe ES&S machines are counting votes correctly but that computer programs that process results are malfunctioning. No one knows what the problem is. Story1 Story2 Archive1
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction CA Sacramento. Sacramento officials said they had sporadic trouble with the new scanning machines being used for the first time. By late Tuesday, nine of the 712 machines used countywide had to be replaced because they didn't work. One didn't have a power cord. Others had minor glitches. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Too few ballots CA Nearly two dozen polling places in Sacramento County ran out of ballots. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Malfeasance FL In Palm Beach County, Turia Hayden, a spokeswoman for Election Protection, said some voters, particularly in African-American neighborhoods, had problems locating their correct polling place because some voting sites were relocated in the wake of the recent hurricanes. When they showed up to vote at the old location, they found no signs or other assistance to help them find the new polling place. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction GA Diebold Walker County. Delays began early in the day at the Chattanooga Valley precinct with problems with an encoder, which is used to program the voting cards, Walker Board of Elections member Terry Morgan said. Diebold, manufacturer of the electronic voting machines, did not program the encoder properly, he said. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Malfeasance GA Failure to provide a list of early voters to Walker County poll workers delayed the ballot count Tuesday night. Elections workers said they had to check manually to weed out duplicate ballots. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction IA ESS Greene and Harrison Counties reported malfunctions in their ES&S Model 115 ballot-counting machines that delayed counting. Harrison County got its machine fixed shortly after midnight and resumed counting. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Ballot secrecy MD Diebold One complaint heard across Maryland was that voters were a little uncomfortable with a lack of privacy, which allowed others to see how they cast their votes. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction MD Diebold Poll watchers report vote counts that did not match the check-in numbers. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction MD Diebold Nine voting machines ran out of battery power and nearly 40 votes may have been lost in Palm Beach County. The nine machines at a Boynton Beach precinct weren't plugged in properly, and their batteries wore down around 9:30 a.m. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction MD Diebold The software running on the touch-screen machines used across the state failed to record some votes correctly, jumped to other pages on the ballot without being prompted by the voter and inadvertently omitted some political races, according to TrueVoteMD. "We have received hundreds of calls from across the state," said the group?s co-director. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction MD Diebold A woman in Baltimore County pushed her selection for president and senator repeatedly, but couldn?t get the machine to register her choice properly. A man in Montgomery County said the machine skipped right past the presidential and senate races. A woman in Montgomery County tried to make her selection for the county school board, but the machine advanced to the next screen after she had chosen only half of the candidates. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Provisional ballots MD Diebold Some people had trouble getting provisional ballots, including a soldier who had recently returned from Iraq, until state elections officials intervened. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Registration fraud MD Diebold Hundreds of student voters at the University of Maryland, College Park, were turned away because they had been improperly registered by a campus organization. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction MT Flathead County. Errors in the programming for the optical scan tabulation system. Two precincts showed no opposition to I-147 (which would reverse the ban on using cyanide in mining). Next precinct scanned, same result. Then it got worse. New returns show a precinct voted well beyond the number of registered voters. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Malfeasance NC Gaston County. A recount of curbside ballots found that the county had collected 803 such ballots. But Gaston reported only 708 votes in the presidential election, and Don Wright said it was unlikely that 95 voters had skipped that race. The executive director of the state board, Gary Bartlett, ordered Wright not to recount the ballots, which would establish whether some votes were missed. Bartlett said Gaston has already reported official results, and the number of votes was too small to change the result of any contest. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Too few ballots NE Douglas County. Too few ballots were printed to fill demand in several west Omaha polling places. The county printed more, but some voters had to wait until nearly midnight -- 4 hours after polls closed -- to cast their votes. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Fraud OH In Trumbull County, a voter in Warren Township precinct D arrived at the polls to discover that someone had already voted in her name. The person who used her name apparently forged her signature and wrote that she lived at a different address. Board of Elections allowed her to cast a ballot. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH ESS Mahoning County. The glass on top of one ES&S iVotronic electronic screen was too far from the screen, making it difficult for people to use their fingers to cast ballots. A screen went blank on a Youngstown voter while he cast his ballot. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH ESS Mahoning County. 20 to 30 ES&S iVotronic machines that needed to be recalibrated during the voting process because some votes for a candidate were being counted for that candidate's opponent. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH ESS Mahoning County. About a dozen ES&S iVotronic machines needed to be reset because they essentially froze. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH Toledo. At the Birmingham polling site in East Toledo, the sole machine broke down around 7 a.m. An hour later, when Ohio House Rep. Peter Ujvagi tried to cast his ballot, the poll worker told him to place his ballot in a secure slot so that it could be scanned in later. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH Toledo. Throughout the city, polling places reported an assortment of problems, ranging from technical trouble with Lucas County's leased optical-scan voting machines to confusion about precinct boundaries and questions over provisional balloting. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH Lucas County Election Director Paula Hicks-Hudson said the Diebold optical scan machines jammed during testing last week. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH Lucas County (Toledo). Technical problems snarled the process throughout the day. Jammed or inoperable voting machines were reported throughout the city. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Machine malfunction OH Knox County. Due to an equipment malfunction the wait was at least 1 1/2 hours long. Story
11/3/2004 Too few ballots OH In Toledo, "a lot of people just walked away, saying they had to go to work," said voter Anthony Bumphis, who said he waited for more than an hour at Gesu School on Parkside Boulevard in West Toledo when it temporarily ran out of ballots. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Too few machines OH In Franklin and Knox counties, where voters use touch-screen units, long lines developed and voters turned to a federal judge for help as the time grew near for polls to close. To speed the voting, some of those voters were given paper ballots. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Vote suppression OH Cincinnati. "We've had reports that poll workers aren't doing a very good job putting people in the right lines for their precincts," said Molly Lombardi, a spokeswoman for the Election Protection Coalition. "People stood in line for over an hour in the rain in some places only to find they were in the wrong line. A lot of them gave up and went home." Story Archive
11/3/2004 Voter intimidation OH Cincinnati. Long lines and some confusion met many Hamilton County voters at the polls early this morning, with polls suddenly crowded with hundreds of vote challengers and poll monitors, most of them in heavily Democratic and overwhelmingly African-American precincts. Story Archive
11/3/2004 Voter intimidation OH Cincinnati. Voters and vote monitors complained that the GOP precinct judge was questioning every voter about his or her address and "being a jerk about it." Story Archive
11/3/2004 Animosity at polls PA Both the Democratic and Republican challengers posted at Warren 2E were tossed from the polling station after precinct judges complained they were disruptive. Story Archive
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