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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
12/18/2004 Canvass anomalies WA King County. Director of Elections Dean Logan discovers hundreds of ballots that have not been previously counted that he believes should be included in the manual recount of the Governor's race. Story Archive
12/15/2004 Canvass anomalies OH Warren County. Election officials, after counting 3% of the ballots, found a discrepancy between the hand count and the machine count. [They seem to consider the counting done, but the law requires a full hand count of the county if any discrepancy is found.] Story
12/15/2004 Canvass anomalies OH Tuscarawas County Board of Elections, after counting 3% of the ballots, found a discrepancy between the hand count and the machine count and adjourned until "a later date." Story
12/13/2004 Machine malfunction FL Pompano Beach. Vote for Kerry changes to Bush on the touch screen. Video of interview
12/13/2004 Fraud OH Hocking County. A technician from the punch card voting machine company, Triad, altered the contents of a central tabulator while the recount was in process. He also suggested a "cheat sheet" counters could use to ensure that the hand count results matched the machine count. Story1 Story2
12/13/2004 Canvass anomalies WA King County. County Elections Director Dean Logan announced that 561 ballots were wrongly rejected during the initial canvas. [Note King County voted 3 to 2 for Gregoire, the Democratic candidate for Governor. So, it is likely that these votes would have changed the outcome of the governor's race in the machine recount.] Story Archive
12/12/2004 Canvass anomalies NV Sequoia There were about 10,000 undervotes in the state's two most populous counties, Clark and Washoe -- ballots that had no vote for president. Story
12/12/2004 Malfeasance OH Franklin County. (Columbus.) 39 voting machines, earmarked for inner-city precincts remained unused on election day. Officials have no explanation. Archive
12/12/2004 Malfeasance OH Greene County. Voting records, which had been denied to recount volunteers, were left unlocked and unattended overnight. Story Archive
12/11/2004 Election law FL Pinellas County. The reversal of 17,000 votes on Amendment A will not be corrected. State law dictates that vote totals cannot be changed once they are signed and submitted to the state elections board. Story Archive
12/11/2004 Malfeasance OH Greene County. The Director of the Board of Elections refused recount volunteers access to public voting records, claiming it was on orders from Secretary of State Blackwell. Story
12/11/2004 Malfeasance OH Cuyahoga County. In Cleveland, poll workers failed to instruct voters to use the correct punch card machines for their precinct Since the candidates were in different order in different precincts, voters using the ballot for one precinct and the machine for a different one cast votes for candidates they didn't mean to select. Story Archive
12/11/2004 Vote suppression OH Summit County. In response to a mandate from Blackwell ... or to save the tax payers' money ... or in anticipation of new voting equipment -- the county elections board members don't agree -- but whatever the reason, the county reduced it's polling places by about one-quarter, causing long lines on Nov. 2, especially in the city's predominantly African-American wards. Story1 Archive1 Story2 Archive2
12/11/2004 Canvass anomalies WA With 17 counties' hand-counts completed, 249 new votes have been found for governor, and 11 votes have either changed or disappeared. Story
12/9/2004 Fraud PA Mercer County. James Bennington, Mercer County's director of voter registration and elections, admitted he programmed some of the computers incorrectly and failed to test properly. One of the most significant voting problems found in the county was the recorded undervote, which is when the number of votes cast is lower than the number of people who voted. Across Mercer County, there was a 7.29 percent undervote. [Unilect Patriot machines] Story Archive
12/9/2004 Malfeasance PA Mercer County. Amid allegations of mismanagement and incompetence in the Nov. 2 general election, James Bennington, Mercer County's director of voter registration and elections, will quit at the end of the year. Among the complaints being investigated are electronic voting machines breaking down; a lack of paper ballots to make up for the broken machines; electronic machines not registering votes; some paper ballots missing candidates' names; and poll workers making people sign their paper ballots. Most of the reported problems were in 12 precincts in the county's southwest region. Coincidentally, all of those precincts have a Democratic majority. Story Archive
12/8/2004 Machine malfunction NV Sequoia Elko County. 271 votes were not counted in the election because three of the Sequoia touch screen voting computers had been left in test mode on election day. Archive
12/6/2004 Canvass anomalies SC ESS In Sumter County 111 more voters cast ballots than signed in on poll books and that 1,055 more ballots were cast than have been accounted for. This discrepancy could cause a state Senate race to be decided by the Senate instead of the people. Story Archive
12/4/2004 Malfeasance OH Lucas County. An extensive housecleaning in the Lucas County elections office was announced yesterday with Elections Director Paula Hicks-Hudson resigning and four other officials suspended pending investigation into problems with the official count of the Nov. 2 election. Story Archive
12/3/2004 Canvass anomalies FL Pinellas County. 17,000 votes on Amendment A were recorded incorrectly. Story Archive
12/2/2004 Canvass anomalies OH U.S. House Judiciary Democrats write a letter to Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, detailing anomalies and allegations of fraud, and asking for a response. Story
12/1/2004 Machine malfunction WA ESS Skagit County. An investigation of anomalies in the recount of the governor's race led county officials to discover, from ES&S, that a vote is counted incorrectly in approximately 1 in 10,000 ovals read by their high-speed optical scanner. Since the governor's race had four options, the estimate is that 1 in 2500 votes was counted incorrectly. Votes counted incorrectly in Skagit County alone amount to half the margin between the top two candidates. Story Archive
11/30/2004 Canvass anomalies AL Hale County. A decrease of 182 votes showed up in the recount of the amendment to remove segregation language from the constitution. (ES&S precinct-count optical scanners) Story Archive
11/30/2004 Canvass anomalies AL Macon County. A decrease of 340 votes showed up in the recount of the amendment to remove segregation language from the constitution. (ES&S precinct-count optical scanners) Story Archive
11/30/2004 Canvass anomalies AL Madison County. A decrease of 165 votes showed up in the recount of the amendment to remove segregation language from the constitution. (ES&S precinct-count optical scanners) Story Archive
11/30/2004 Canvass anomalies OH Cuyahoga County. In precinct 4F, located in a predominantly black precinct, at Benedictine High School on Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Kerry received 290 votes, Bush 21 and Michael Peroutka, candidate of the ultra-conservative anti-immigrant Constitutional Party, received 215 votes. In precinct 4N, also at Benedictine High School, the tally was Kerry 318, Bush 21, and Libertarian Party candidate Michael Badnarik 163. Story
11/29/2004 Canvass anomalies OH Sufficient problems have surfaced in Ohio that the Rev. Jesse Jackson said Sunday that the Ohio Supreme Court should consider setting aside Bush's win in Ohio and that Congress should investigate how Ohioans voted. Story Archive
11/29/2004 Machine malfunction UT Grand County. "Despite glowing reviews from other parts of the country and a public relations campaign by Diebold Corp. lauding its equipment, the Grand County Council has passed along what it calls six extreme examples of inaccuracy in the equipment. The examples "are only a fraction of the errors that have surfaced regarding use of this new voting equipment," states a letter from the council to the state Election Voting Equipment Selection Committee." (touch screens) Story Archive
11/29/2004 Canvass anomalies WA Franklin County. 84 more votes for Governor than the number of ballots cast. Story Archive
11/29/2004 Canvass anomalies WA Franklin County. 84 more votes for reported Governor than ballots reported. Story Letter to SoS Archive
11/29/2004 Malfeasance WA The Washington Secretary of State won't investigate anomalies in the vote counting process, pointed out by Gregoire, one of the candidates in a virtual tie for Governor, and refuses to give counties time to investigate. Story Archive
11/25/2004 Canvass anomalies AR Pulaski County. State 'amends' the election certification. Certified vote totals on the state site, declared by the state to be accurate, don't match the county totals, one race reversed, totals change on the site after the certification. Story Archive
11/25/2004 Canvass anomalies OH Sandusky County. What appeared to be an overcount resulted when a computer disk containing votes was accidentally backed up into the voting machines twice by an election worker. Story Archive
11/24/2004 Vote suppression CA San Diego. A judge ruled to ignore the votes of thousands of voters who neglected to fill in a bubble beside their write-in vote for Donna Frye for mayor. Story Archive
11/24/2004 Deceptive practices OH Election observers from the Ukraine observed city water departments in Ohio turning off the water of African Americans on election day and telling them they had to stay home to wait for a repairman so they would not vote. Story
11/24/2004 Malfeasance OH Testimony of dozens of Ohio citizens revealed that, by depriving precincts of adequate numbers of functioning voting machines, Blackwell created waits of three to 11 hours, driving tens of thousands of likely Democratic voters away from the polls. Story
11/24/2004 Provisional ballots OH Cuhoga County. 8,099 provisional ballots (about 1/3 of those cast) have been ruled invalid because the voter wasn't registered or was registered in the wrong precinct. In 2000, about 17% were ruled invalid. Story
11/24/2004 Vote suppression OH Columbus. Sworn testimony shows a disparity between the number of voting machines provided to different precincts. With record turnouts, some precincts had fewer machines than in the past. Story
11/23/2004 Fraud FL Palm Beach County. Low-income voters told to vote in the wrong precinct. Story Archive
11/23/2004 Machine malfunction FL Sequoia Palm Beach County. Review screen doesn't match selections. Poll worker agrees, after scrolling back through the selections. Story Archive
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2004 to 2009


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