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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
10/19/2004 Ballot printing OH Hamilton County. At least two absentee ballots did not include Kerry's name. Workers accidentally removed Kerry when removing Ralph Nader's name.
10/19/2004 E-pollbook TN Shelby County. Computer crash prevented voter verification and delayed early voting.
Story Archive
10/19/2004 Ballot display TX Tarrant County. The confusing sequence of screens caused some voters to accidentally miss voting on the stadium referendum. Story
10/18/2004 Malfeasance CA Santa Clara County. Poll workers are being trained not to tell voters that they can vote on paper ballots, contrary to the edict of Secretary of State Shelley. Instead, they will make paper ballots available only if voters specifically request them. Story
10/18/2004 E-pollbook CO Adams County (Denver). Computers fail to connect to the main computer to verify voter registration. Story Archive
10/18/2004 Ballot printing FL Palm Beach County. State legislator received an incomplete absentee ballot when she chose paper instead of the touch-screen. Story1 Story2
10/18/2004 E-pollbook FL Broward County. Nine of 14 early-voting polling sites had trouble linking laptops to the main computers that confirm voter eligibility.
Story1 Story2 Archive
10/18/2004 E-pollbook FL Orange County. Computer crash prevented voter verification and delayed early voting.
Story1 Story2
10/18/2004 E-pollbook TX Bexar County. Computers fail to connect to the main computer to verify voter registration.
Story Archive
10/18/2004 Machine malfunction TX ESS Bexar County. iVotronics register incorrect votes. The theory is that voters inadvertently rested a hand on the screen.
Story Archive
10/17/2004 Election law PA Write-in votes for president must write-in the correctly spelled names of 21 electors, not the name of the presidential candidate. "State elections officials have authorized seven voting systems, including machines that the state knew could not handle multiple write-ins, but certified them anyway, according to Bellman, the Berk's County elections boss."
10/17/2004 Poor design SC ESS Instructions for using the new iVotronics are incomplete and confusing. Will disenfranchise voters, according to Rep. Clyburn.
10/16/2004 Paper ballots (late) WA King County is late mailing out absentee ballots. "After consulting with the Prosecuting Attorney's Office and the Secretary of State's Office in Olympia, Logan said he concluded the mailing deadline applies only to voters whose names already have been entered into the registration system." So newly registered voters ballots are "late" but not late.
10/15/2004 Machine malfunction NC Craven County. Voters' choices register incorrectly on the touch screen. The county official attempted to recalibrate the screens, but two machines had to be taken out of service. Story
10/14/2004 Vote suppression OH Knox County. Long lines caused by 989 registered voters and only two machines. Story
10/14/2004 Machine malfunction TN Danaher Loudon County. Danaher DRE. Harp Enterprises incorrectly programmed a lockout condition, which prevented voters in District 2 from voting on all the races that should have been available to them.
Story Archive
10/14/2004 Machine malfunction TN Danaher Loudon County. Danaher DRE. Inadequate testing. Pre-election testing failed to check for a lockout condition in the ballot programming, which prevented voters in District 2 from voting on all the races that should have been available to them.
Story Archive
10/13/2004 Machine malfunction FL Sequoia Palm Beach County. Sequoia DRE. A routine test of Palm Beach County's electronic voting machines was canceled Tuesday because the computer network at the elections office malfunctioned hours before the public exercise.
Story Archive
10/13/2004 Registration fraud IA Voters who, legitimately, included their Social Security number as the ID on their form have had their registration rejected because the state connection to the Social Security database isn't working yet and the auditors can't verify the ID information. Story
10/13/2004 Machine malfunction IN ESS Vanderburgh County. ES&S DRE. Ballots on the DREs fail to include numbers beside every candidate - as required by state law. Democrats sue, but county says state law forbids changing ballots in the middle of an election.Story Archive
10/12/2004 Ballot printing CA San Diego County. At least 8 voters have received incorrect absentee ballots because of the printing company's error. Story
10/12/2004 Registration fraud CO Because of the widespread voter-registration fraud and the delays of both the Democratic and Republican parties in turning in forms, Secretary of State Davidson instructed auditors to allow voters to vote on provisional ballots if they claim they had registered before the deadline. Story
10/12/2004 Ballot printing FL Sequoia was late delivering absentee ballots to Hillsborough, Pinellas, Palm Beach, and Indian River Counties.
Story Archive
10/12/2004 Registration delays FL Hillsborough County. As many as 6,000 applications will remain unprocessed when early voting begins on October 18. Pasco County is also rushing to get 3,000 processed by October 19.
Story Archive
10/11/2004 Registration fraud CO Voter registration groups have turned in hundreds of fraudulent registration forms, forging signatures, registering voters multiple times, registering felons, and changing facts that could affect voters' ability to vote in the general election. Story
10/10/2004 Paper ballots (late INTL No U.S. voters in Israel have received absentee ballots they applied for months ago. While they are later than usual, some states have only started sending them out. 30,000 have requested them.
Story1 Story2
10/8/2004 Registration fraud MN St. Paul. When police at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport stopped a man for running a stop sign late last month, they found an unusual stash in his car trunk: More than 300 voter registration cards that had been filled out but never submitted to the Minnesota secretary of state.
10/8/2004 Registration fraud OH Hamilton County is investigating 19 registrations that may be for non-existent people. Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) turned in cards with similar handwriting and false addresses. Story
10/8/2004 Registration fraud PA Berks County. Director of elections Bellman said his office has had numerous calls from people who were registered through a group called the Association Communication Organization for Reform Now (ACORN), complaining that those taking down the voter information deliberately put inaccurate information on the form. Bellman said he also received a batch of registrations from Citizens for Consumer Justice in Allentown that contained several hundred forms, including ones that have been held since July and ones with fictitious names and addresses and even wrong counties. Story
10/7/2004 Registration fraud SC Florence man arrested for turning in over 1,000 fraudulent registration forms. Story
10/3/2004 Vote suppression MN Billboards around the Twin Cities brazenly declare "DON'T VOTE". They were the "teaser" part of a promotional campaign for a local radio station. Story Story
10/3/2004 Registration fraud WI In Racine, the district attorney's office is investigating seven voter registration applications filed by Project Vote in the names of people who said the group never contacted them. Story
10/1/2004 Registration fraud FL Widespread allegations of criminal vote fraud in Florida, days before the state closes registration for the presidential election. Story
9/30/2004 Registration fraud MI Ingham County. Massive voter registration fraud discovered. The group behind the fraud is PIRGIM (Public Interest Research Group of Michigan).Story
9/29/2004 Registration fraud WI Racine. Project Vote registrations include some that voters claim they didn't sign. Two people working with the group are under criminal investigation. Story
9/9/2004 Voter intimidation AZ Pima County Voter Registrar Chris Roads said on the program that out-of-state students are committing a felony if they register to vote in Arizona and they don't intend on remaining in the state "indefinitely." Students consulted attorneys and held a press conference last week declaring that it was perfectly legal for out-of-state students to vote in Pima County as long as they've lived here 29 days. Even Pima County Recorder F. Ann Rodriguez backpedaled from Roads' statement in comments last week to the Arizona Daily Wildcat. Story1 Archive1 Story2 Archive2
8/25/2004 Registration fraud NM Bernalillo County. Over 3,000 suspect registration forms. At least one 13-year old boy has received a registration card. Story
5/18/2004 Machine malfunction IL Diebold DuPage County. Upload of the York 58 precinct memory card failed, but the GEMS server showed the upload was successful. The failure was not detected until the next day when reports were run and zero votes were reported for each race in the precinct. PDF (2 Mb), see page 3.
5/18/2004 Poor design IL Diebold DuPage County. The GEMS upload log was accidentally cleared during the memory card upload. The "Clear" and "Close" buttons are next to each other, and it's easy to clear when attempting to close. "When the clear button is selected, the user interface does not generate a confirmation popup asking the user 'are you sure?'." PDF (2 Mb), see page 3.
11/4/2000 Accessibility PA Reported to VotersUnite from Montgomery County: I recently had foot surgery and I am unable to put any weight on it. When I went to vote at the West Norriton administrative building on Marshall St., it was very difficult for me to enter the polling place. When I was leaving one worker came over to me and told me about a ramp I could use. I feel that others may not know about the ramp and will be unable to vote. On the county website, it says that all polling places are wheelchair accessible. Perhaps there shoud be a sign showing the way to the ramp or someone directing people that way.
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