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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction PA ESS Adams County. Undefined problems with the ES&S M100 scanners. County is investigating. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Voter intimidations PA Allegheny County. Charges of voter intimidation at three or four polling sites in the North Hills, including one in Franklin Park. Voters said a partisan group set up tables outside the site and were "interrogating" voters before they went in, asking whether they had proper identification. The judge issued a countywide order for all such activity to cease. She also sent sheriff's deputies to patrol the sites in question. Story2 Archive
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction TN ESS Williamson County. Only two ES&S iVotronic touch screens worked in Grassland precinct. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction TN ESS Hawkins County. ES&S iVotronic touch screens didn't work. Most of the voting machines were down until noon, according to Peggy Fleenor, the county's election administrator. The problem resulted after officials ran a program before opening to clear the vote totals to zero. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction TX Hart InterCivic Harris County (Houston). Three of the seven E-Slate voting machines at Lockhart Elementary school weren't working properly since the polls opened at 7 a.m. Two were inactive, one was "misnumbering itself." Technicians arrived 2-1/2 hours later. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Vote suppression TX Fort Bend County. Machines were delivered to the wrong precincts, delaying voters and casting some uncertainty on ballots already cast. Some voters missed voting in local referendums and won't be given a second chance. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Fraud UT Salt Lake County. After seeing Stealing America Vote by Vote - a documentary film about election fraud in the 2004 presidential election - a Salt Lake County man says he wondered whether the new electronic voting machines being used today would allow him to vote twice. He voted early on Friday, then says he went to his precinct today to test his theory, and found he was able to vote twice. Story
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction UT Diebold Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Diebold touch screen machines weren't operating when the polls opened at several polling places in these counties and other areas. In some locations, all the machines were down. Voters waited up to 1-1/2 hours. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction UT Diebold Utah and Salt Lake Counties. Voter access card encoders for the Diebold touch screens weren't working in at least 32 of 118 polling locations, causing long lines, waits up to two hours, and voters turned away. Story Archive Story2 Archive2 Story3 Archive3
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction UT Diebold Salt Lake. Part of the text of Proposition 2 didn't show up on the Diebold touch screen. Story Archive
11/7/2006 Machine malfunction UT Diebold Utah County. Machines used to program Diebold voter access cards malfunctioned. After consulting with the maker of the touch-screen machines, Utah County has begun using one electronic machine at each polling location to program the voter access cards. That means every location will be short one machine - on a day when long lines are already expected. Story
11/7/2006 Malfeasance UT Diebold Utah County. Voters were turned away from the polls when the machines used to program Diebold voter access cards malfunctioned. Story
11/7/2006 Wrong ballot UT Diebold Salt Lake. Half of the first 8 people to vote in one polling place were given the wrong ballot. Story Archive
11/6/2006 Registration fraud UT Daggett County. More voters were registered than the population in 2005, according to the census. Story
11/6/2006 Deceptive practices VA Threats of Incarceration, Changed Polling Locations, and Fliers to “Skip the Election.” Over the past several days, voters throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia have filed complaints of incidents aimed at suppressing voter turn out in heavily Democratic and African American neighborhoods. Today, the Secretary of the Virginia State Board of Elections Jean Jensen concluded that the incidents appear widespread and deliberate. Story Archive
11/5/2006 Machine malfunction FL ESS Sarasota County. Votes for Jennings, Democratic candidate for 13th Congressional District, fail to appear on the review screen of the ES&S iVotronic touch screens in several polling places. (A variation on the vote-switching seen in other States and other Florida Counties). Voters are able to return to the selection screen and correct the error, but there are questions about whether some votes for Jennings have been lost. Story Archive
11/5/2006 Ballot printing IN Diebold Union County. Ballots in 5 precincts are missing the contest for 1st District Commissioner. Fidlar, who printed the ballots, made the error, which the county officials failed to catch in proofing. The county will provide a supplemental ballot to voters on election day, but 121 absentee ballots that are missing the race have already been cast. These voters are being contacted to come to the courthouse and cast the supplemental ballot. Story Archive
11/5/2006 Machine malfunction KY Hart InterCivic Calloway County. Vote-switching on the review screen of the Hart InterCivic eSlate. Straight-ticket Democratic votes were switched to Republicans in all the contested races. Story
11/5/2006 Deceptive practices NM State Republican Party calls voters and tells them of incorrect polling place changes. Story
11/5/2006 Machine malfunction SC ESS Vote-switching on the ES&S iVotronics. Computer scientist's votes for one candidate were switched to another on the review screen. Story
11/4/2006 Machine malfunction OH Diebold Trumbull County and elsewhere in the state. Diebold touch screens fail to display one of the pages of text for Issue 2 when they are in "large-text mode". Story Archive
11/4/2006 Machine malfunction TX ESS Williamson County. ES&S iVotronic failed pre-election testing when straight party selections did not record a vote for Precinct 3 Commissioner. The same problem occurred at the beginning of early voting, but it was corrected and no votes were affected, Stacy said. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Paper ballots (late) CA Diebold San Diego. Additional ballots ordered from Diebold were late because of "problems with the printing press operation." 5,000 Xeroxed copies of the ballot were sent out instead. The staff will duplicate the returned ballots onto standard ballots. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Voter ID IN Rep. Julia Carlson's Congressional ID card was insufficient identification. "The law compels voters to show an ID, issued by Indiana or the federal government, with a photograph and an expiration date. Carson's card was for the 109th Congress, but did not say when the session ends." Story Archive
11/3/2006 Malfeasance KS Seward County. Reform Party candidate, Sylvester Cain, running for 1st Congressional District Representative was not listed on hundreds of advance ballots. But his name will be included on the touch screens on election day. The county is required to send all candidates a proof-of-publication to confirm their names are on the ballots. Officials said no notice was sent to Cain, and he didn't call inquire about it. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Machine malfunction NM McKinley County. Ballot printer at the early voting site printed one side of the ballot upside down, slowed down, then stopped. "According to Palochak, the county's Elections Bureau director, the problem lay with the electronic server in Santa Fe feeding the early voting centers across the state their voter data. The machines started slowing down around 2 p.m., he said, and were back to business as usual by 2:45." Story Archive
11/3/2006 Machine malfunction OH Diebold Cuyahoga County. Diebold scanner fails one of four pre-election tests. Michael Vu said, "It's not unusual in the testing that we find an anomaly. Our testing is going over and beyond the normal testing of the past." The officials will check the calibration. Some machines may be too sensitive and will be set aside and replaced. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Ballot printing SC Charleston County. 5,000 ballots were misprinted, showing a bond amount as $250 million, instead of the correct amount of $205 million. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Machine malfunction SC ESS Charleston County. ES&S iVotronics fail to allow voters to review their choices in contests where they can vote for more than one candidate -- in violation of HAVA. Story Archive
11/3/2006 Malfeasance TN Diebold Shelby County. Several electronic voting cards, used to cast ballots on Diebold touch screens, are missing from a polling place in Memphis, according to the Tennessee Republican Party. "Once cast, an illegal vote made with the reprogrammed Smartcard would be indistinguishable from a legally cast vote," Davis wrote. Story
11/3/2006 Machine malfunction TX Diebold El Paso County. Vote-switching by Diebold touch screens. Review screens show the wrong choices - switching Democratic vote to Republican in at least one case. County attorney is investigating. Some voters had to correct the review screen three times, before it registered correctly. Story Archive Story2 Archive2

11/22/06 update. Problem logs requested by KTSM newschannel 9 show that, in the presence of an election judge, "a janitor in precinct 108 removed tamper seals and opened some voting machines." Story

11/2/2006 Machine malfunction AR ESS Washington County. ES&S iVotronic screen does not match paper printout. Clerk Karen Combs Pritchard said that, for the first two days of early voting in that county, the machines' paper printouts listed the wrong district number for a state representative candidate, although the number appeared correctly on the screen. Story Archive
11/2/2006 Poor design CO Sequoia Denver. Poll workers struggle to learn how to use the Sequoia touch screen voting machines. Training sessions in Jefferson and Denver counties this week showed that although some judges are comfortable with computerized voting machines, others are baffled. Many of the judges are retired and trying to learn new technologies, often after years of working all-paper elections. "I've reached my saturation point," said Pat Gressett, 77, after more than an hour working with the new computers. Story Archive
11/2/2006 Machine malfunction FL Diebold Volusia County. The clock setting of the machines apparently goes back an hour every time they are turned on and off. So units at the four early-voting sites could be off by as much as six hours. Ann McFall, the Volusia County supervisor of elections, is concerned that the machines might stop accepting votes early on election day because of the incorrect clock setting. Malfunctions of the voting machines' clocks are believed to be confined to the five counties Polk, Putnam, Glades, Leon and Volusia that got the new, Class D machines from Diebold, which have not been certified by the state. Story Archive

Diebold spokesperson David Bear called the malfunction a human error and said it doesn't affect the integrity of the machines. Story2 Archive2

11/2/2006 Machine malfunction FL Sequoia Palm Beach County. Vote-switching from Democratic candidate to Republican, incorrect ballots on the Sequoia touch screens. "With four days of early voting left to go, and nearly 32,000 ballots cast, a handful of voters have complained they have had the wrong ballots show up on their touch screen. Or worse, their votes appear to go to the wrong candidates." Story Archive
11/2/2006 Machine malfunction IL Sequoia Chicago and Cook County. Vote-switching on the Sequoia touch screen. "Corrine Stoker pushed the button for one candidate, but her voting machine showed she voted for the opponent." Problems like Stoker's are "extremely rare," officials said, but can happen with electronic machines. Story Archive

Vote for Democratic gubernatorial candidate switches to Republican candidate. "Alignment keeps going out. Voters complain," a poll worker complaint filed Friday said. "They recalibrate. A couple voters later, they complain. They recalibrate. They complain, etc. For two days straight." Story Archive

11/2/2006 Machine malfunction IL Sequoia Chicago and Cook County. More Sequoia touch screen malfunctions. Trouble reports filed by voters and polling-place workers during early voting show glitches ranging from broken equipment to calibration issues with touch screens. "Screen goes black, beeps," reads one form. "Card will not lock into the unit," reads another. Story Archive
11/2/2006 Machine malfunction KS ESS Sedgwick County. ES&S iVotronic touch screen voting machines are broken down at all sites except two. Story
11/2/2006 Malfeasance OH Cuyahoga County. Severe security lapse. County officials used ordinary laptops, vulnerable to viruses, to retrieve and archive data from memory cards, which Princeton researchers have shown are capable of carrying viruses that would infect voting machines. “I first raised concerns to the Cuyahoga County Board of Election in mid-Summer, after Secretary of State Blackwell released an advisory about transferring electronic election data to CD ROM. After I witnessed the transfer, I raised concerns a potential security breach to Cuyahoga Board of Elections Chairman Bennett and the rest of the board on October 2nd,” said Adele Eisner. “Unfortunately, the board simply defended its dangerous practice." Story
11/2/2006 Ballot printing PA Monroe County. Ballots were printed without space for write-in votes for Governor and Lt. Governor. Story
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