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Election Problem Log - 2004 to 2009
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VotersUnite! began this problem log with the November 2004 election. It continued its compilation of problems reported in the media by adding news stories about subsequent elections, through 2009. See also: Failures by vendor and Failures by state.
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Date Problem Type State
10/30/2004 Voter challenges OH Erie County. Voters challenged by the Republican party prove to the election board that they are legitimate. Story
10/30/2004 Registration fraud OR People working for Sproul & Associates deceived students into registering as Republicans, apparently so they could get paid for the registrations. Story Archive
10/30/2004 Malfeasance TX Johnson County. Voter registration forms supposedly handled by the Department of Public Services (motor voter) somehow never made it to county election officials. Voters have shown up at the polls and been told they aren't registered. Voters can request a provisional ballot, although such a ballot is worthless if the original registration form never made it from the DPS. Story Archive
10/30/2004 Registration fraud WI Milwaukee. A just-released list of newly registered voters contains at least two dozen non-existent addresses. Story
10/30/2004 Vote suppression WI Citing a new list of more than 37,000 questionable addresses, the state Republican Party demanded Saturday that Milwaukee city officials require identification from all of those voters Tuesday. "We have already uncovered hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of addresses on their (original list) that do exist," said City Attorney Langley, who holds a non-partisan office. "Why should I take their word for the fact this new list is good? I'm out of the politics on this, but this is purely political." Story
10/30/2004 Voter challenges WI Milwaukee. A review by the city attorney's office found that hundreds of the 5,619 addresses the state Republican Party claimed were incorrect or nonexistent do exist. They discovered that the database used by the Republicans was corrupt and dropping digits from valid addresses. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Registration delays CA San Bernadino. Thousands of voters may be forced to cast provisional ballots when they go to the polls because the county registrar is overwhelmed with a flood of late registrations. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Fraud FL People posing as election officials are attempting to collect absentee ballots and trick voters into not going to the polls. They are also giving misleading information about voting and the polls and asking for personal information about the voters' debts and parking tickets. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Registration fraud FL Broward County. ACORN was sued Friday by two lawyers in Fort Lauderdale for disenfranchising 11 South Florida residents, one from Broward and 10 from Miami-Dade County, by taking their completed voter registration forms and not turning them in. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Voter challenges FL Republican party uses the flawed felon list to challeng a list of 925 voters they say have either voted early or requested an absentee ballot. 580 were Democrats, 214 were Republicans, 127 were independents and four were members of minor parties. Story Archive
10/29/2004 E-pollbook TX Harris County. Elections officials said a telecommunications glitch at the Fiesta Mart Inc. early-voting site on Kirby delayed voting Thursday. A modem connection prevented poll workers from verifying voters electronically. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Voter intimidation US In opposition to the first Amendment and decades of precedents set by both the Justice Department and the Supreme Court, the U.S. Attorney General is arguing that only the Justice Department, and not voters themselves, may sue to enforce the voting rights set out in the Help America Vote Act. Story Archive
10/29/2004 Voter challenges WI Having failed to get the Milwaukee election board to remove the names of 5600 people from the voter rolls, the Wisconsin Republican party asked the Wisconsin Election Board to remove the names, based on the fact that about 30 of the addresses are invalid. Story Archive
10/28/2004 Voter intimidation CA Napa County. Registrar John Tuteur has declared that people who don't want to use the e-voting machines will be asked to wait for everyone else in line at the time to cast their votes before they will be given a paper ballot. Story Archive
10/28/2004 Registration fraud CO Denver prosecutors charged two ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) employees with falsely filling out multiple voter forms to boost their pay in a paid registration drive. Story Archive
10/28/2004 Voter challenges FL Broward County. Republicans and their attorneys say they are arming themselves with lists of voters whose registrations appear flawed, preparing to challenge voters on election day. But they refuse to give the list to officials who want to correct errors ahead of time. Story
10/28/2004 Election law PA A recent change in election law did away with the Election Day appeals process. Now, with some registration groups not turning in voter registrations, victims of this registration fraud have no recourse but to cast a provisional ballot, but the ballot will only count if the voter is properly registered. Story Archive
10/28/2004 Paper ballots (late) WA Thurston County. Some absentee voters haven't received ballots mailed in mid-October. Story Archive
10/28/2004 Voter challenges WI Milwaukee. Republicans filed challenges to 5,600 voter registrations, claiming the addresses do not exist. They wanted them removed from the voter rolls. The party had only verified about 35 in person, however. The Milwaukee Commission denied the challenge. Story1 Story2
10/27/2004 Voter challenges FL Republican document listing 1,886 names and addresses of voters in predominantly black and traditionally Democrat areas of Jacksonville, Florida is believed to be a list of voters to challenge. Targeted challenges based on race are a violation of federal law. Story
10/27/2004 Voter challenges GA Three white residents in rural Georgia have challenged most Hispanic voter registrations in their precinct, charging they are fraudulent. Most of those challenged have already proven their legal status as voters, but one wants a public hearing. Story
10/27/2004 Voter challenges GA In two Georgia counties, individuals recently challenged the citizenship status of dozens of people on the voter rolls, based on their Spanish surnames. Story Archive
10/27/2004 Voter challenges NC Both major parties in the Carolinas plan to have observers at polling places, making sure legal voters are not excluded and bogus voters don't sneak in. Some may challenge voters' eligibility, while others will be trying to block challenges. Story Archive
10/27/2004 Voter challenges NC In Alamance County, N.C., earlier this month, the sheriff submitted a list of registered voters with Spanish surnames to the U.S. Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement in an attempt to determine whether or not they are U.S. citizens. Story Archive
10/27/2004 Registration fraud NE Personal Report -- In Douglas County, Nebraska, polling places have been changed since the primary elections. I have a registration card (less than six months old) telling me where to vote. The online information from the Douglas County Election Commission gives a different address. I called the Election Commission and they verified the new address and gave no explanation for why we weren't notified of the change. This could cause a major problem in the election since Douglas County has a half million population. (VotersUnite! learned that some polling locations have recently been changed. Some have not.)
10/27/2004 Malfeasance NH Reports of college students being discouraged from registering by local officials in a host of college towns are growing more common in New Hampshire. Story
10/27/2004 Voter challenges SC Both major parties in the Carolinas plan to have observers at polling places, making sure legal voters are not excluded and bogus voters don't sneak in. Some may challenge voters' eligibility, while others will be trying to block challenges. Story Archive
10/27/2004 Poor design TX Tarrant County. Even computer-savvy early voters in Arlington are still struggling to find the Dallas Cowboys stadium question on electronic voting machines. Story
10/27/2004 Provisional ballot problems US The provisional ballot requirement of federal law is being interpreted inconsistently. In Ohio, Michigan, Florida and Missouri, courts have said that voters have to be in the right precinct for their ballot to count. Officials in Iowa and Nevada have said they will accept provisional ballots as long as they are cast in the right county (in Iowa's case) or the right congressional district (in Nevada's case). Story
10/27/2004 Vote suppression US Provisional ballots are given when voters say they are registered but their names are not on the registration rolls. Democrats want provisional ballots counted as long as they are cast in the correct county; Republicans do not. Story
10/26/2004 Registration errors AR Pulaski and Jefferson Counties. Over 500 complaints so far from voters who have been disenfranchised because they registered on the wrong forms. Story
10/26/2004 Malfeasance CA Riverside County, Palm Desert. Contrary to instructions by the Secretary of State, the Registrar is not providing paper ballots as an alternative for voters who don't want to vote on the touch screens. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Malfeasance CO Boulder County. Ballots secrecy is compromised by the use of ballots for Hart Intercivic machines, certified by the Secretary of State. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Ballot printing FL Palm Beach County. LePore said she received one report of a blank page on a ballot. She attributed that to a printing problem. She said there have been "sporadic" reports of people receiving incomplete ballots, but the problem is not widespread. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Paper ballots (late) FL Broward County. 58,000 ballots that were supposed to mailed out on Oct. 7 and 8 are late and appear to be missing. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Registration errors FL Miami. People who register to vote and don't fill out the form perfectly will not be able to vote. Judge rules that the forms may be thrown out. Story
10/26/2004 Ballot secrecy MD Absentee ballots have an identifier on the outside envelope, indicating the party of the voter. Election watchers say the party tags invite fraud because a ballot handler who disagrees with a voter's party choice could simply throw out his or her ballot. Maryland State Board of Elections officials maintain there is no cause for concern, but they have also said they might discontinue the practice in future elections. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Voter challenges MI Lansing. An unprecedented number of Republican- and Democratic-selected election challengers will monitor precincts statewide next Tuesday, checking everything from voter eligibility to the 100-foot campaign-free zone outside polling places. Republicans say they want to prevent mischief. Democrats say they hope to stop intimidation. Story
10/26/2004 Machine malfunction NM Sequoia Sandoval County problems escalate. Sequoia machines switch votes, won't register votes unless certain other races are voted, and switch straight party votes to another party. A check of the early voting site Friday morning found that problems were likely due to an "inconsistent stream of electricity," to some of the voting machines. Story Archive
10/26/2004 Malfeasance NM Bernalillo County. County Clerk Mary Herrera admits that phantom votes have been a problem ever since they installed new tally software two years ago. In one case, nearly four thousand phantom votes were added to just one race. She is preparing for phantom votes in this election, too. SoS Rebecca Vigil-Giron was notified of the emergency several elections ago and has done nothing to fix the problem. Story Archive Video
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