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January 15, 2004    Story Here  Archive
E-voting critics converge in Sacramento for hearing
Tri-Valley Herald
Sharon Arata's elections odyssey began 15 years ago on her old-fashioned suspicion that non-U.S. citizens and dead people were voting in California. To her consternation, Arata found that new voters rarely had to prove they had U.S. citizenship, a valid address and a pulse. "We found that Santa Claus and Grey Wolf were registered to a vacant lot in Concord. And James Bond was, too," she said.  Republicans and Libertarians thronged to Arata's Voter Integrity Project of Contra Costa County. But the state's dominant political party was leery of demanding ID and nationality proof from new voters. "I couldn't get Democrats to give me the time of day," Arata said. 

January 15, 2004    Story Here  Archive
A State Panel Says It Won't De-certify 14-thousand Touch Screen Voting Machines
FOX News/Sacramento
The machines are made by Diebold Elections Systems, which 17 counties have purchased for about 40 million dollars.
Solano and San Joaquin Counties plan to use them in the March 2nd election. But voters lined up to denounce the machines before a state elections panel today. They say they shouldn't be used until they're certified by the federal government. Others distrust any form of electronic voting.

January 15, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Buster Soaries, Election Assistance Commission Chair, tells Latest VotingNews exclusively that if the EAC doesn't answer the question of SERVE's non-certification, the agency will have "failed the country"
Marc Strassman, a Voting Technology Reporter, reports:
Buster Soaries is the Chair of the newly-formed Election Assistance Commission. "Newly-formed" is right; the EAC came into legal existence ten days ago, on January 5, 2004. Commissioner Soaries jokingly admits that he's had to spend more time so far trying to get letterhead for his office than he's spent "crafting a vision" for the Commission and the country.

January 15, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Report Calls for an Independent Review of the New Voter Technology
Fairfax County, VA - The Fairfax County Republican Committee has posted Operation Ballot Integrity, a report outlining technological and systemic failures associated with the County's new Direct Recording Equipment used on Election Day.
   Eddie Page, Chairman of the Fairfax County Republican Committee said, "this report reveals to the public that, no matter how advanced the technology, ballot integrity and voter confidence should never be compromised. Unfortunately, on November 4, 2003, the new Fairfax County Digital Voting Equipment raised questions about our most basic voting assumptions."

January 14, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Push begins for paper backups on new electronic voting machines
Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer Anthony Mann Reports:
Spurred by a contested result in last week's special election for state House, local leaders on two fronts advanced the effort to create a paper backup for electronic voting machines.

Palm Beach County commissioners voted after contentious debate Tuesday to ask the Legislature to authorize and hopefully pay for ballot printers for electronic voting machines.

Also Tuesday, the most outspoken proponent of a voting machine paper trail U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Boca Raton wrote to Gov. Jeb Bush asking him to push for legislation requiring the printers.
"Florida faces the very real possibility of another national election debacle," Wexler wrote. 

January 13, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Tight Florida House race reveals flaws in Broward voting machines
As Reported by Sun-Sentinel Staff Writer Jeremy Milarsky
FORT LAUDERDALE A contentious battle for a coastal state House seat might have come an end Monday evening, but along the way, it proved there might be no such thing as a flawless election.www.sun-sentinel.com/news/local/palmbeach/sfl-pprinter14jan14,0,3021948.story?coll=sfla-news-palm

January 13, 2004    Story Here  Archive
S.J. registrar rips rules on voting receipts
Record Staff Writer David Siders reports:

Registrar of Voters Deborah Hench this morning is expected to bash several state rules for touchscreen voting in a report to county supervisors. The state rules require permanent paper records of electronic ballots beginning this year and immediate paper verification of electronic votes by 2006.

January 13, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Prevent future election debacles in Florida

In an Op-Ed Piece the Miami Herald has stated:
 A mere 12 votes determined that Ellyn Bogdanoff won last week's state House District 91 special election in eastern Broward County. But it is the 134 nonvotes in the election that have created a stir with good reason. Unfortunately, it's anybody's guess as to why more than 130 voters chose not to push the red 'vote' button to cast their ballots in a district election.

January 13 2004    Story Here
Bogdanoff certified as 12-vote winner
South Florida Sun-Sentinel reports: A heated recount for a state House seat finally ended Monday night, but the six-day wait for a winner has reignited demands for assurances that electronic voting machines are accurate.  Ellyn Bogdanoff's 12-vote victory margin over Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Mayor Oliver Parker ultimately held up in the House District 91 race, but controversy swirled after 137 voters in parts of Boca Raton and coastal Broward County went to the polls but didn't cast a vote for any candidate. State Rep. Joe Negron doesn't think that many people would go to the polls without voting.

January 12, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Hamilton County balks at voting change
As Reported in the Marion, Ohio Star
CINCINNATI (AP) Hamilton County is the latest of three large urban Ohio counties defying the statewide order to pick out new electronic machines to replace punch-card voting systems.

The Hamilton County Board of Elections voted Friday against choosing a new system, saying there are still too many questions about the security of electronic touch-pad systems.

January 10, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Hamilton County Fights Electronic Voting Machines
As Reported by NBC4Columbus
COLUMBUS, Ohio The Hamilton County Board of Elections is defying the statewide order to pick out new electronic machines to replace punch-card voting systems, NewsChannel 4 reported.
Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell ordered counties to choose one of four electronic systems from two vendors.

January 10, 2004    Story Here  Archive
GOP Urges Investigation of Voting Machine Performance
Saturday January 10, 2004 6:29am

Fairfax (AP) - Fairfax County (website - news) Republicans are urging the county to investigate the what they call the poor performance of high-tech voting machines last November.

A report from the county G-O-P committee calls the touch-screen voting machines used in local elections "a failure," and says and county officials weren't prepared to deal with the problems.

January 10, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Fairfax Voting Machines A 'Failure' GOP Says County Was Unprepared, Urges State Control 
David Cho, Washington Post Staff Writer Reports:
New touch-screen voting machines used in Fairfax County's local elections in November were a "failure," and county electoral officials were unprepared to deal with the equipment's problems, according to a county GOP committee report released yesterday.

January 10, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Board delays certifying vote
The Miami Herald reports: Left frustrated by confusing state instructions for a recount, Broward's canvassing board decided not to certify a House election until it has written guidelines from Tallahassee.

January 10, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Board votes to certify House 91 results
Palm Beach Post reports:  In Florida's post-Votomatic era of election recounts, there is no squinting at punch cards to try to divine the meaning of dimpled chads. But the alternative, on display for the first time Friday, presented a new set of questions. Required by state law to conduct a "manual recount" of an election in which most of the voting was done on paperless electronic voting machines, Broward County's elections canvassing board threw up its hands. After debating about 90 minutes Friday afternoon, it decided to seek more guidance from the state Division of Elections and revisit the issue Monday.

January 9, 2003    Story Here  Archive

Inside The Black Box 

Fueled by a seemingly unending series of damaging revelations about the insecurity of electronic voting systems and the practices of the companies that make them, the burgeoning movement demanding that new election equipment generate a voter-verifiable paper ballots enters 2004 with growing legitimacy and surprising momentum.

January 9, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Recount confirms Bogdanoff's victory in House race
Jeremy Milarsky of The Sun Sentinal reports: Surrounded by a small army of lawyers and players in Broward County's Republican Party, Ellyn Bogdanoff on Thursday learned what she'd suspected all week: She won Tuesday's election for Florida House District 91 by a mere dozen votes. A state-mandated recount on Thursday, supervised by canvassing boards in Broward and Palm Beach counties, changed the total vote count for only two candidates, and neither was a frontrunner. By the end of the day, records showed that Bogdanoff, a political consultant from Fort Lauderdale, had defeated Lauderdale-by-the-Sea Mayor Oliver Parker, by a 12-vote margin.

January 09, 2004    Story Here  Archive
Recount reminder of 2000 election
The Miami Herald reports:  A recount in the state House District 91 race harkened back to the more infamous 2000 recount in Broward, and drew some of the same national attention.

January 8, 2004    Story Here  Archive

How safe is your vote?  By Steven Hill and Rob Richie for the Baltimore Sun. Originally published January 7, 2004.

Imagine an alternative reality, in which the federal government used its immense resources to invest in developing voting technologies that were truly cutting-edge and secure, with open-source software, voter-verified paper trails, national standards and the public interest incorporated without resistance. Imagine national voter registration that better ensured clean lists and a big increase in the barely two-thirds of American adults now registered to vote.

January 8, 2004    Story Here  Archive

Protesters decry county's use of touch-screen voting system Solano County, CA. More than a dozen citizens staged a mock funeral for American democracy near the Vallejo Ferry terminal Wednesday evening.

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