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Voting news articles are provided here for research and educational purposes only. We do not review each article in its entirety prior to its posting. Content in the articles themselves and on other websites to which they link may express opinions that are not those of VotersUnite!

'Daily Voting News' For May 19, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, May 19, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
The 15-week NJ trial challenging the use e-voting machines concluded today; a ruling is expected by the end of the year. Low turnout in today's CA and PA elections. CO and IN are making good use of the Internet for voters, unlike the IL legislature. More NY counties resist the move from levers to optical scanners. Last, but not least, RI joins the photo voter ID debate.

'Daily Voting News' For May 17-18, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, May 18, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
In spite of a plethora of reports from experts explaining its inherent insecurity, lack of transparency, and non-auditability, online voting continues to be proposed as a viable method of holding elections. The EAC is holding a public hearing tomorrow on counting the votes of military and overseas voters (where online voting is sure to come up). An Alabama bill to allow such voters to return ballots by email died in the state senate, but only because of some "bad amendments."

And Hawaii is currently in the process of holding its first-ever digital online and telephone election (even though the state has a requirement for a voter-verified paper record and audits). The Chief of Products and Partnerships with the company that got the contract for the online Hawaii election claims, not surprisingly, that the system is "faster, more reliable, and more secure than if they had voted on paper."

'Daily Voting News' For May 16, 2009    Story Here
Published:Saturday, May 16, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Today I'd like to introduce you to the two men who leapt forward to assist me (Ellen) in continuing Daily Voting News on an interim basis while we work on getting a permanent plan in place: John Washburn and Dave Klein. Their brief bios, which they wrote, not only tell a bit about them but should also give you a sense of where some of the flavor of the DVN intros are coming from.

'Daily Voting News' for May 15, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, May 15, 2009
Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Washington State recently enacted a law joining the pact for a National Popular Vote, bringing the total to five (MD, NJ, IL, HI, and WA). Currently, it is also being considered in CT, NV, and MA. While many recent articles are largely favorable toward the NPV, the National Popular Vote is not universally popular: Efforts are underway in MD, NJ, and WA to repeal the pact. See also the second National article below.

'Daily Voting News' For May 14, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, May 14, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Today we have post-election reports from Connecticut on the accuracy of the optical scanners. There's an interesting contrast of voting methods between Canada (voting on paper ballots) and India (hauling e-voting machines up the Himalayas).

'Daily Voting News' for May 13, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, May 13, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Concerns about military and overseas voters headline the national voting news. Senator Schumer held a hearing to discuss a report showing that, in 2008, nearly one-fourth of the absentee ballots requested by these voters (1) were undeliverable, (2) weren’t returned to the local elections office, or (3) were rejected due to a missing signature or failure to notarize. The report says these voters were disenfranchised but fails to mention that high percentages of absentee ballots sent to ordinary citizens go uncounted for the same reasons. Senators Inhofe and Cornyn are re-introducing a bill they hope will help military and overseas voters return their ballots to their local officials in a timely manner, while ensuring the privacy and secrecy of the ballots.

On a more local note: A voter registration database error assigned 12 voters in a Mississippi Democratic primary to the wrong Wards. With only a 2-vote margin between the two candidates in one of the Wards, the result of valid votes couldn’t be determined, and the party decided to hold a re-vote, which flipped the outcome.

'Daily Voting News' for May 12, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, May 12, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
The voter ID debate continues in Texas. Tennessee lawmakers are attempting to resurrect an old bill that would require a photo ID to vote and proof of citizenship to register, and would allow deployed troops to fax or e-mail their absentee ballots.

'Daily Voting News' For May 09-11, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, May 11, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Government-issued photo ID requirements for voters have passed in some states and are being debated in several others (SC, TX, and WI in today’s articles). The debate centers on ensuring that only eligible voters can vote (pro), vs. concerns about disenfranchising eligible voters (con). But today’s two featured articles, when taken together, suggest that other important questions need to be asked. The first article tells of the breach of the UC Berkley computers and the possible loss of identity information for 16,000 students and alumni. The second tells of a proposal in the Philippine legislature to require fingerprint data (AFIX biometric information) for every voter to be stored in the voter registration database.

Is it far-fetched to speculate whether voter biometrics is the logical outcome of a drive for "strict voter ID"?

Other unasked questions in the U.S. Voter-ID debate are: What kind of identity information is or will be collected and stored as part of the election process? For how long? Under what safe guards? With the move to create centralized, computerized government-issued identities for people and require that identity be presented in order to vote, access to that identity and impersonating that identity are only going to grow problematic over time.

'Daily Voting News' For May 8, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, May 8, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
If you find yourself skimming through DVN and skipping articles that don’t sound relevant or interesting, you’re doing exactly what I did. But now that I’m reading almost every one while reviewing their suitability for inclusion, it’s become clear that headlines can be deceiving.

And not necessarily deceiving in the normal sense of being misleading or wrong. Specifically, in the context of DVN, some headlines have little probative value to assist readers in predicting their interest in the full story. We are therefore exploring different ways to better communicate the content, some of which you may have noticed (i.e., supplementary parenthetical key words or description). Alternatively we’re trying to draw attention to significant content in this introductory paragraph, such as e-voting being eliminated in Ireland.

But neither of those seems appropriate for the first story below on e-voting, so we now have option three: suggesting you open the link and take a look.

'Daily Voting News' for May 07, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, May 7, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Riverside County, California public servants want to introduce a ballot issue to ask voters their opinion of electronic voting. But the watchdog group Save R Votes thinks it’s a waste of money. “"We don't doubt that people like electronic voting, but it is not safe, transparent or auditable," says Tom Courbat, the group’s founder.

Complaints from Georgia about the new citizenship requirement for voter registration are rebutted by Secretary of State Karen Handel, who argues that the law is necessary to prevent voter fraud. She claims discrimination by the federal government, arguing that it’s not fair that Ohio’s Secretary of State Jennifer Bruner can take actions favorable to her party without federal oversight, but Handel can’t do the same in Georgia. The debate about voter ID continues in Texas and South Carolina with some machine problems from Mississippi, Michigan, and Ohio.

'Daily Voting News' For May 06, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn
Under the current Voting Rights Act, U.S. Department of Justice approval will be needed to implement a newly passed Georgia law requiring proof of citizenship to register to vote, a law which "opponents say would keep the poor, elderly and minorities away from the ballot box." Will a Supreme Court decision on the VRA nullify or uphold this law? The anticipated "stricter" Texas Voter ID law appears to be in progress.

Problems plague polls during party primaries (MS)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Wednesday, May 6, 2009
Daily Leader. May 06, 2009. By: THERESE APEL, Staff Writer
Tuesday's party primaries were not without problems, unfortunately, as several citizens who have lived in the same place for many years went to the polls and found themselves not on the voter rolls.

'Daily Voting News' For May 05, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, May 5, 2009
Ellen Theisen, John Washburn, Dave Klein
Congratulations to the Florida activists who succeeded in killing a really bad bill! The debate on the Voting Rights Act and photo ID continues.

Happy Cinco de Mayo.

'Daily Voting News' For May 04, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, May 4, 2009
Ellen Theisen, John Washburn, Dave Klein
The recent international flavor of the Daily Voting News continues today. India also wrestles with questions of voter ID and accessibility for people with disabilities. In the Philippines, the bidding to a single vendor for the Election Automation Process, touted to make future Philippine elections “fraud-proof”, began today.

Rest assured not everything is international news; there are domestic election stories as well.

'Daily Voting News' for May 3, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, May 3, 2009
by Ellen Theisen, Dave Klein, and John Washburn

Mixed emotions accompanied the release of the first post-Gideon DVN - happiness to see John's important work taking some tentative new steps, sadness that he isn't here to do it. There also comes a profound realization of how much more went into the process than we ever appreciated. It feels like trying cook Grandma's signature dish based on the partial list of ingredients in collective memory. Thus, we're thankful for your encouragement and for those who surreptitiously spit their food into a napkin and convincingly said they were full but it was great.

Today's issue of the Daily Voting News contains some international flavor with thoughts on the Indian elections.

Domestically, the debate over photo ID continues in Texas and Mississippi as does the national debate on the Voting Rights Act.

'Daily Voting News' for May 2, 2009    Story Here
Published:Saturday, May 2, 2009
by Dave Klein and John Washburn
We are thankful for the opportunity to honor the work of John Gideon by continuing the Daily Voting News.  We appreciate the encouragement expressed and patience during this transition under trying times. Because multiple days are covered in this issue of the DVN, news items within a given state are in chronological order; the date of publication appears in headline of the article for this issue only.

Voter participation issues (such as photo ID and caging) have been much in the news.

Shiloh mayoral hopeful is one of 5 candidates seeking recounts in April elections (IL)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Saturday, May 2, 2009
bnd.com. May 02, 2009. BY SCOTT WUERZ
Sankus said he believes that some Shiloh residents were given incorrect ballots that did not include the mayoral race. Vernier has maintained that, while there may have been some ballots that improperly left off the mayoral election, he doesn't think there were enough to make a difference.

'Daily Voting News' For May 1, 2009. Founded by John Gideon.    Story Here
Published:Friday, May 1, 2009
Ellen Theisen
John Gideon wanted the stewards of democracy to have a summary of each day’s news concerning a broad range of issues regarding the integrity of elections in the U.S. and elsewhere, so he created and published the free newsletter, the ‘Daily Voting News’ [DVN].

Despite our recent loss of John, the value and need for DVN – his creation – remains unchanged. A working group has been established to determine the best way to continue this service. More information about the effort and opportunities for you to contribute to DVN will be coming.

Karl Rove case witness killed in plane crash, sisters want answers    Story Here  Archive
Published:Thursday, April 30, 2009
The Daily Page. April 30, 2009. by Bill Lueders.
Michael Connell — who died at age 45, leaving a wife and four kids — was a computer networking expert who lived near Akron. Last July 17, an attorney who's filed a federal civil rights lawsuit alleging a conspiracy to rig elections in Ohio held a press conference at which he identified Connell as a principal witness.

'Daily Voting News' A tribute to the author. April 29, 2009.    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, April 29, 2009
Ellen Theisen
I'm sure that most, if not all, of you have heard of our loss of John Gideon. I'm also sure that you appreciated his faithfulness in providing you with up-to-the-day information about election issues.

He appreciated your faithfulness, too. Your work and personal engagement with him was a great inspiration to him and provided tremendous motivation for him to continue his work. Some of you expressed your gratitude to him in personal emails, which never failed to delight him. All of you expressed your appreciation by remaining subscribed to Daily Voting News. I don't say this lightly. He experienced your continuing subscriptions as appreciation for his work.

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