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'Daily Voting News' For February 05, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, February 5, 2009
John Gideon

Today’s news finds articles from Minnesota where the recount trial continues on. Now the justices are trying to decide whether they can allow Franken to take the Senate seat on an interim basis. It looks like there will be no final decision this week or maybe even this month. &&& Also we have articles from Georgia, Minnesota, Mississippi and Oklahoma where Voter ID is being pushed by state legislatures under the false idea that voter fraud is rampant or that illegal aliens are streaming over the borders just to vote in our elections. In Georgia they actually want to expand what is already a restrictive law to make it more restrictive. Now they want voters to have to prove their citizenship. Not a problem? It is for voters like Arthur Remillard who was born by a mid-wife and was the placed for adoption. He has no birth certificate. No way to prove his citizenship even though he had never had a problem in his 75 years.

'Daily Voting News' For February 04, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, February 4, 2009
John Gideon

The long expected auditor’s report on Hillsborough Co Florida is out and, as we suspected, former supervisor of elections Buddy Johnson has some explaining to do. The auditors found that he overspent his budget by close to a million dollars and he misused some funds. Is their an indictment in Buddy’s future?

'Daily Voting News' For February 03, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, February 3, 2009
John Gideon

The recount trial is still ongoing in Minnesota. It’s hard to tell whether there will really be any changes or if this is all just a waste of time and tax money. Time will tell, I guess.

'Daily Voting News' For January 31 and February 01, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Even though the Nov 4 election has been certified by the Riverside Co California RoV since Dec 2, the county is still in the process of doing the state-mandated hand count verifying all ballots cast on touch-screen voting machines. Maybe sometime this week?

'Daily Voting News' For January 30, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

The new Hillsborough Co Florida elections boss has saved the county $500,000 by going to Premier/Diebold and making them a deal they could not refuse. Of course with the problems the county had last Nov with uncounted ballots and memory card failures, Diebold should have returned all of the money the county has spent on their voting system and taken the machines back.

'Daily Voting News' For January 29, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Most of the news is still coming out of Minnesota and the courts where Norm Coleman is trying to prove that he should still be the state’s senator. Most of the reports seem to point to unsuccessful arguments on the part of Coleman’s legal team. How much longer can this go on?

'Daily Voting News' For January 28, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

The trial against the use of unverifiable voting machines in New Jersey is continuing. Computer scientist Andrew Appel was before the judge tearing apart a Sequoia Advantage DRE voting machine to show how easy it would be to get into the machine and replace memory without anyone ever knowing about it. The trial is expected to take a couple weeks.


'Daily Voting News' For January 27, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Today the New Jersey voting machine trial started. The trial will decide whether the state’s DRE voting machines can continue to be used or whether they are error-prone and too easily hacked. Today Princeton University computer scientist Andrew Appel demonstrated how the Sequoia Advantage v 9 DRE works. The trial may last as long as four weeks.

'Daily Voting News' For January 26, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

As our “Featured” article reports California Secretary of State Debra Bowen has sent a letter to new EAC Chair Gineen Beach. The letter has three proposals that Secretary Bowen is convinced will improve the integrity of voting systems used in the country. As stated in the article we at VotersUnite have also worked on this issue. The three proposals are that vendors should be required to disclose vulnerabilities, flaws, problems, etc. Also, the EAC should create a uniform incident reporting program. And finally, the “Election Day Survey” the states are asked to complete should include data from election officials about how their voting systems performed during a general election. We applaud Secretary Bowen for taking a stand on this issue.

'Daily Voting News' For January 25, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Advanced Voting Solutions sold Northampton Co Pennsylvania faulty voting machines. The county took the vendor to court and won a default decision. Later this month the court will decide how much the county will be awarded in the law suit. The problem is that owner Howard Van Pelt and AVS have disappeared. They very quietly went out of business and stuck the county, and others, with a warehouse full of garbage. How much longer are the other voting machines vendors going to be able to stay in business? New Jersey is now rethinking their move to install vvpat printers on the state’s DREs because of the economy. That has to be a blow to Sequoia especially when you consider that the company went into debt in order for the officers to keep the company from being purchased by Hart Intercivic.

'Daily Voting News' For January 24, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Now that the recent general election is completed some counties are now in the process of determining how much that election cost the taxpayers. One Colorado county reports a cost of $36.57 per vote cast. That is an amazing amount especially when much of that cost can be directly attributed to the type of voting system a county is using and the amount of “assistance” the county buys from the vendors.

Counties struggle on election costs (CO)    Story Here  Archive
Rocky Mountain News. January 24, 2009. By Myung Oak Kim.
The price tag for the 2008 presidential election in Colorado eclipsed the amount spent in 2004, and in one county ran as high as $36.57 per vote.

'Daily Voting News' For January 23, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon
From this evenings “Featured” article: “The recount of the 2008 Minnesota Senate race gives us an opportunity to evaluate the accuracy of precinct-count optical-scan voting. Though there have been contentious disputes over which absentee ballot envelopes to open, the core technology for scanning ballots has proved to be extremely accurate.”

'Daily Voting News' For January 22, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon
This will be the last plea for help for awhile. We don’t like doing it and I’m sure you don’t like getting the requests. We know times are tough and probably not going to get much better for awhile. A small donation of even $15 will help. All of the information you need to make a tax deductible donation can be found here: http://www.votersunite.org/donate.asp

'Daily Voting News' For January 21, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

We will try this one more time because I have nothing else to put into this space this evening. We do need help. VotersUnite.Org is proud to continue offering “Daily Voting News” as one of our services. Though we don’t charge for the service we do, on occasion, reserve the right to ask for a donation. This is one of those very few times. Please assist us in continuing all of our work. All of the information you need to make a tax deductible donation can be found here: http://www.votersunite.org/donate.asp

'Daily Voting News' For January 19 and 20, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

VotersUnite.Org is proud to continue offering “Daily Voting News” as one of our services. Though we don’t charge for the service we do, on occasion, reserve the right to ask for a donation. This is one of those very few times. Please assist us in continuing all of our work. All of the information you need to make a tax deductible donation can be found here: http://www.votersunite.org/donate.asp

'Daily Voting News' For January 17 and 18, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Recently we have spent a bit of time discussing the cost over-runs found during an audit of Hillsborough Co Florida’s election office. Now the county has revealed that they just discovered 440 uncounted ballots that were found in their warehouse. These ballots came from two Temple Terrace precincts that had voting machine problems last Nov. While the county makes the normal “the votes not counted would not have affected any federal, state or county race” statement, they have admitted that the missing votes may affect local races. Because the election had been certified for weeks it will be up to any losing candidate to file a lawsuit.

'Daily Voting News' For January 16, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

VotersUnite.Org is really two dedicated voters who care about how our votes are counted and who does the vote counting. We aren’t the types who find it easy to ask for money but it is a necessary evil that we have to take on occasionally. Even though the big, 2008 General Election is completed and many people are ready to move on to other issues we plan on continuing to do our work. This year we plan to continue to point out the invasive participation of the vendors in our election process and we will continue to work with local election officials to come up with ideas on how to get rid of the vendors as much as possible. We will also continue to give our opinions on federal and state legislation as it pertains to the election process. And we will continue to produce “Daily Voting News” as our way of educating the readers on elections matters. We need help to continue, however. So please help us out with a donation. All of the information you need to make a tax deductible donation can be found here: http://www.votersunite.org/donate.asp

'Daily Voting News' For January 15, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

The Pew Center on the States has just released a report on military and overseas voting (our featured article). This report “found that more than a third of states do not provide military voters stationed abroad with enough time to vote or are at high risk of not providing enough time. An additional six states provide time to vote only if their military personnel overseas return their completed absentee ballots by fax or e-mail—a practice that raises important questions about their access to this technology and the privacy and security of their votes.” This report also adds to the growing body of scientific/academic research that all agrees that sending completed ballots via the Internet is not a good plan.

The report is well worth reading for those who are concerned about the votes of our military personnel and overseas voters in general.

'Daily Voting News' For January 14, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

A large majority of today’s news is, again, from Minnesota. The ballots are counted and lawsuits have been filed, now by both candidates. Its going to take some time for things to shake-out. &&& $1,850 for a ballot box? That’s what Diebold/Premier charged Hillsborough Co Florida for 220 boxes to be used with their optical-scan machines. Meanwhile other counties in Florida paid as little as $145 per box from different vendors.

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