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'Daily Voting News' For February 26, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, February 26, 2009
John Gideon

What is it about Sequoia’s spokesperson that she sits in court in New Jersey and then writes blog items about her opinion of what happened in court and those opinions are far from what really happened? Perhaps it is alright for her to spin the truth into something else in order to try to save the company from well deserved embarrassment? You always know when the disingenuous have no defense for the facts because they do all they can to attack the person who has the facts on their sides. Yesterday Sequoia posted another false blog item on their website and today, in our ‘Featured’ article, Professor Andrew Appel responds with the facts.

'Daily Voting News' For February 25, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, February 25, 2009
John Gideon

Was the 2006 RTA election in Pima Co. Arizona hacked? Did someone in local government actually get into the machines and change the vote totals? We may never know but the local Democratic and Republican Parties have joined forces in court along with some Election Integrity groups. They want to know the answer. The ballots have now been turned over to the state Attorney General’s office. The parties want a recount of those ballots. Will the AG do that?

'Daily Voting News' For February 24, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, February 24, 2009
John Gideon

EAC Commissioner Rosemary Rodriguez has tendered her resignation and will return to Colorado to be the State Director for Senator Michael Bennet. Commissioner Rodriguez joins ex-Commissioners Soaries and Martinez who resigned before their term was up and not, like ex-Commissioner Hunter, to take another job in DC. &&& Lawmakers in New Jersey have taken the state backwards as the State Senate agreed with the House that the state should scrap plans to provide any verifiability in their elections. A requirement signed into law a few years ago should have required a vvpat on all of the state’s DREs over a year ago. Instead the deadline has been a moving target and will now, with signature of the Governor, go away.

'Daily Voting News' For February 23, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, February 23, 2009
John Gideon

Tonight’s “Featured” article begins: “The U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC) works for the People. They don't work for special interests. They don't work for the voting system vendors. The EAC has an obligation, spelled out in their past advisories, public statements and, most importantly, in federal law, to carry out oversight of the voting systems we, the People, use in our federal elections. It does not matter that the EAC commissioners are not elected to their positions. They are still servants of the People.”

'Daily Voting News' For February 21 and 22, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, February 22, 2009
John Gideon
The Arizona Attorney General’s office has now stepped in and “informally” asked the court to allow the disputed ballots from the ’06 Pima County Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) election to be released to them. The state’s Treasurer presently has authority over the ballots but she is not sure whether to destroy them or keep them in storage. The hope is that they be released to the AG and then the AG count the ballots in an investigation to see if, in fact, there was fraud committed in that election.

'Daily Voting News' For February 20, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, February 20, 2009
John Gideon

Again a majority of the election news is coming from Minnesota. Both the Franken and Coleman camps are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in court and the tax payers are surely footing the bill for a large part of the cost. Eventually the tax payers are going to get tired of this circus and demand it stop. My guess is that this will now happen sooner rather than later. But, that’s just my thought. I may be wrong.

'Daily Voting News' For February 19, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, February 19, 2009
John Gideon
Here we are again opening our elections system to a vendor and software that has not been tested by any test lab or certified to be used on any voting system. Aspen Colorado is going to hold a mock election using two different modes of Instant Runoff Voting (IRV). In order to do this with the voting machines they will be using the city has hired “True Ballot” to write the software to count the ballots on the optical scan machines in use by the city. Yes this is a mock election. But who expects that once a decision on which IRV system will be used the new software will be removed from the machines and never used until it has been certified for use on those machines.

'Daily Voting News' For February 18, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, February 18, 2009
John Gideon

Lots of news today. Ex-New Mexico SoS Rebecca Vigil-Giron has some questions to answer regarding use of funds for elections when she was in office. Colorado is talking more about going to all-paper voting in the future. Utah legislators seem to have a fear of a deluge of aliens coming into the state just to vote in their elections so they are trying to require proof of citizenship. And now the Coleman camp in Minnesota is declaring the ongoing trial as a “legal quagmire”. It doesn’t get any better than this.

Voting machine problem causes delay    Story Here  Archive
Published:Wednesday, February 18, 2009
GazetteXtra.com. February 18, 2009. By Gazette Staff
DARIEN — A problem with a voting machine memory card caused a delay in election results reporting Tuesday night for the village of Darien.

'Daily Voting News' For February 17, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, February 17, 2009
John Gideon

Today we have three “Featured” articles. Regular readers will note that we have been warning about the recent call for Internet voting and the fact that the Internet is not secure for elections use. The first two articles clearly bring this concern to the forefront. If the Internet was secure why would scientists be designing a newer, better Internet? The second “Featured” article says, “Reported cyber attacks on U.S. government computer networks climbed 40% last year, federal records show, and more infiltrators are trying to plant malicious software they could use to control or steal sensitive data.” If the Internet is so insecure why in the world would any responsible election official even suggest using the it to transmit completed ballots? One has to wonder what is really behind this new Internet voting push. That brings us to the third of our “Featured” articles.

'Daily Voting News' For February 16, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, February 16, 2009
John Gideon
A slow news day today. We hope you had a good President’s Day weekend.

'Daily Voting News' For February 14 and 15, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, February 15, 2009
John Gideon
“Replacing trusted people with computers doesn't make the problem go away; it just moves it around and makes it even more complex. The computer, software, and network designers, implementers, coders, installers, maintainers, etc. are all trusted people. See any analysis of the security of electronic voting machines, or some of the frauds perpetrated against computerized gambling machines, for some graphic examples of the risks inherent in replacing people with computers.” Bruce Schneier in the first of our ‘Featured’ articles. Bruce is one of the foremost experts on network security in the world.

Online voting system would require scrutiny    Story Here  Archive
Published:Sunday, February 15, 2009
The Olympian. February 15, 2009
On the surface it sounds like a terrific idea: Let members of the armed forces serving abroad and state residents living in foreign lands, vote via the Internet so that their ballots can be tabulated in a timely fashion.

'Daily Voting News' For February 13, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

For all of you paraskevidekatriaphobiacs or triskaidekaphobiacs this may not have been a very good day. For all the rest, hope you had a Happy Friday the 13th. The chances of Norm Coleman taking back his lead over Al Franken in the Minnesota Senatorial race have taken a long step back today with a ruling from the recount trial judge that lowers the number of rejected absentee ballots that can be recounted.  

'Daily Voting News' For February 12, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

VoterID has been accepted by the Mississippi state House. No surprise for a ‘Red-State’. Meanwhile a House legislative committee in Minnesota has voted against a VoterID bill. Once that decision was made, the sponsor of the bill made accusations of voter fraud in the Senate race.  He needs to speak with the Coleman lead attorney who has clearly said, "There hasn't been a whiff here, of any fraud."

'Daily Voting News' For February 11, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

"Pre-eminent computer scientists have come to a scientific consensus that the (e-voting) technology is a bad idea," elections attorney and member of the commission Paul Hultin said at a Colorado Election Reform Commission meeting on Tuesday. This statement was made while the commission recommended that the state get rid of electronic voting machines and go to an all-paper system by 2014. Another DRE state may soon be falling to paper ballots.

'Daily Voting News' For February 10, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Scantegrity, a registered non-profit organization, has announced a collaborative effort with Takoma Park Maryland to hold a primary and general election on an open-source voting system with both conventional paper and cryptographic audit trails. I’m sure there will be a lot more on this later.

'Daily Voting News' For February 09, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, February 9, 2009
John Gideon

Premier/Diebold has filed a lawsuit against SysTest Labs. The voting machine vendor claims that SysTest’s loss of EAC accreditation in the middle of testing on the newest Premier voting system has wreaked havoc on Premier’s business. This should be an interesting suit. &&& “Even though reports from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO), and dozens of computer security experts strongly and unanimously warn of insurmountable threats to the privacy and security of ballots cast over the Internet, the Washington State legislature is proposing – and fast-tracking – a bill to allow Internet voting for its military and overseas voters.” “VotersUnite does not believe in using military and overseas voters as guinea pigs in a voting scheme that has already been determined by experts to be an “essentially impossible” task given the current architecture of the Internet.”

'Daily Voting News' For February 07 and 08, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, February 8, 2009
John Gideon

Not much in the news this weekend. Of course more from Minnesota and the Senate recount/court case. That will be going on for awhile more I’m afraid.


'Daily Voting News' For February 06, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, February 6, 2009
John Gideon
“…he didn't see anything wrong with asking to work for Premier Elections Solutions, despite still managing a public office that owed the company $2.2 million.” So claimed Buddy Johnson the former Supervisor of Elections of Hillsborough Co. Florida and often mentioned in this space. Also being reported, “Johnson spent about $2.5 million in federal grants on "voter education," including TV spots, radio ads, mass mailings and print pieces that featured his name and image prominently in the heat of a tight campaign.” As I recall Johnson ended-up spending just a fraction of his campaign funds as compared to the newly elected SOE Phyllis Busansky.

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