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Fond du Lac voter turnout close to projections (WI)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Tuesday, April 7, 2009
The Reporter. April 7, 2009. By Russell Plummer
Fond du Lac city and county clerks reported Tuesday's election ended with few hiccups along with voter turnouts that nearly matched predictions.

'Daily Voting News' For April 06, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, April 6, 2009
John Gideon

The criminal investigation hand-count has begun in Arizona. In the lead-up to the count the Attorney General spoke about Internet feed of video from the counting room. It’s a good thing he didn’t say the count would be public or the process would be transparent. Yes, there are cameras in the area and yes they are streaming live via the Internet. However, the cameras are physically as far away from the counting as they could probably place them and some of the cameras are focused on empty aisles or on swinging doors. No transparency here. Nothing to see here; move along.

'Daily Voting News' For April 05, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, April 5, 2009
John Gideon

There are election recounts in Minnesota and New York that have the media’s eyes and ears but we should not forget that there is also a recount beginning next week in Maricopa Co Arizona. In this case it is not an elections recount to decide who/what won an election. Instead this is a criminal investigation to determine whether there was manipulation of the vote tally on the voting machines in Pima Co. during the 2006 Rural Transit Authority election. Today’s “Featured” article has the whole story, including all of the background.

'Daily Voting News' For April 01, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, April 1, 2009
John Gideon

Today is a mixed bag of important news items. One mobile messaging company is predicting that we will be voting via our cell phones, twitter, etc. in just a couple years. There is more from California regarding the decertification of Premier/Diebold 1.18.19, as system that would not be used again anyway. There is also some news on yesterday’s election in New York state that found the two candidates with but 25 votes separating them. This election will clearly end up in court just as the Minnesota Senatorial race has. There are also a few editorials from newspapers in states that are considering VoterID.

Voting machine service contracts canceled (NM)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Wednesday, April 1, 2009
Carlsbad Current-Argus. April 1, 2009. By Barry Massey, Associated Press Writer.
SANTA FE — With New Mexico facing a big election year in 2010, questions remain over who will pay for maintenance and upgrades of the state's paper ballot voting system to have machines ready for balloting.

'Daily Voting News' For March 31, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, March 31, 2009
John Gideon

Today the CA Sec. of State, Debra Bowen, announced that she will be decertifying the voting system that lost votes in Humboldt Co. This action is being taken after a state investigation that found that the Premier/Diebold voting system violates the standards because of problems with its audit logs as well as the inaccuracy of one version used in the state. Humboldt Co has already decided to switch to another vendor and the other two counties are already upgrading their systems so Bowen’s action does nothing at all. The fact that she is ignoring the audit log problems means that she is giving her tacit stamp of approval on the Premier systems that have the audit log problem.


'Daily Voting News' For March 30, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, March 30, 2009
John Gideon

After this Wednesday evening’s “Daily Voting News” we will be taking a well-deserved hiatus to attend a conference. DVN will resume on Sunday evening.

'Daily Voting News' For March 28 and 29, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, March 29, 2009
John Gideon

“Our voting machines cannot be hacked.” “Our voting system is not hooked up to the Internet so it is secure.” We hear this time and time again from the vendors and from election officials. Yet if it uses computers and they use software they can be hacked. Our ‘Featured’ article is another story of computer systems being looted by bad actors. Who could believe that our voting systems are not vulnerable and ripe for manipulation by the same types?

'Daily Voting News' For March 27, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, March 27, 2009
John Gideon

As reported in today’s ‘Featured’ article the EAC has finally posted today the transcription of their hearing from Feb 26 and 27. This is the hearing in which CIA cybersecurity expert, Larry Stigall said, “I follow the vote. And wherever the vote becomes an electron and touches a computer, that's an opportunity for a malicious actor potentially to...make bad things happen,”

'Daily Voting News' For March 26, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, March 26, 2009
John Gideon

Today’s ‘Featured’ article begins, “Florida’s Department of State is proposing a few strategically placed words that would gut Florida Statute 104.29, a brief but powerful law that currently offers Florida citizens their greatest protection for election observation. The altered language is buried on page 61 of a 68-page elections bill1 still in draft form, which, as soon as it is finalized, will be presented to the State Legislature for approval.

&&& Also ‘Featured’ are two press releases from Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney’s website with regards to new legislation that will help military and overseas voters. &&& Correction: In this space yesterday I inferred that Humboldt Co had made the decision to move from Premier/Diebold to another vendor based on the problems encountered by the county in the Nov. 2008 elections.  In fact the decision to change vendors had been made before that election.

'Daily Voting News' For March 25, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, March 25, 2009
John Gideon

According to our ‘Featured’ article Premier/Diebold has lost a customer for their voting system in Humboldt Co. California due to their admissions that the system used in that county loses votes under certain circumstances and that history of actions on the voting machines can be d from the internal audit file. The county has already made the decision to switch to another vendor for their voting system but they still use and pay annual fees for a Premier provided voter registration system. They did still use it anyway. In an apparent attempt to punish Humboldt Co a vindictive Premier has given the county a 90 day warning and a list of software and hardware that they want returned. Hopefully the county’s attorneys will take some action.

'Daily Voting News' For March 24, 2009    Story Here
Published:Tuesday, March 24, 2009
John Gideon

In our ‘Featured’ article Greg Gordon of McClatchy News reports on a presentation given during an Election Assistance Commission hearing last month. The presentation was given by an ex-CIA official concerning the use of electronic voting machines in foreign elections and the concerns about the machines’ vulnerability to tampering. The official said at one point in his presentation, “"You heard the old adage 'follow the money’. I follow the vote. And wherever the vote becomes an electron and touches a computer, that's an opportunity for a malicious actor potentially to . . . make bad things happen."

'Daily Voting News' For March 23, 2009    Story Here
Published:Monday, March 23, 2009
John Gideon

We are still waiting on a court ruling from Minnesota. In the meantime here is a mixed-bag of voting news articles.


'Daily Voting News' For March 21 and 22, 2009    Story Here
Published:Sunday, March 22, 2009
John Gideon

The summary of this weekend’s “Featured Article” says; “We live in a world of complex computerized systems medical equipment such as MRIs and CAT scans; flight control software; an automotive fuel injection system; the databases that store, retrieve, and collate data. All these systems undergo stringent testing.

'Daily Voting News' For March 20, 2009    Story Here
Published:Friday, March 20, 2009
John Gideon

A group of election officials in Clay Co Kentucky were arrested over the past few days for election rigging schemes that have taken place over the past few years. One of the schemes they used was to instruct some voters that when they finished on the ES&S iVotronic touch-screen machines they were to only push the “Vote” button once. The unsuspecting voter would then leave the booth and crooked poll workers would enter the booth with the last voter’s ballot still in “Review” mode. The poll workers would then the names of candidates who had paid for the service and finalize the ballot. The FBI and DoJ should have a fun time with this one.

'Daily Voting News' For March 19, 2009    Story Here
Published:Thursday, March 19, 2009
John Gideon

More bad news for a voting machine vendor. This time the California Secretary of State’s office has announced that they have settled their lawsuit against ES&S.  It was back in 2007 that the state discovered that ES&S had ignored state laws and sold uncertified voting machines to some counties as if they were certified. So now ES&S gets to provide $3.2 M to the state’s coffers. Will it make any difference in the long run? Probably not. ES&S will continue their past bad business practices and many of their customers will continue thinking they only have the choice provided by ES&S.

Several Clay County Officials Arrested On Federal Charges (KY)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Thursday, March 19, 2009
LEX18 19 March 2009
Five Clay County officials, including the circuit court judge, the county clerk, and election officers were arrested Thursday after they were indicted on federal charges accusing them of using corrupt tactics to obtain political power and personal gain.

Elections company could face more problems (CA)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Thadeus Greenson The Times-Standard March 18, 2009

Premier Elections Solutions' problems with the California secretary of state may only be just beginning. Premier, the company formerly known as Diebold that created the flawed version of election software that led to almost 200 ballots being ped from Humboldt County's final November election results, was the subject of a public hearing Tuesday called by Secretary of State Debra Bowen.

'Daily Voting News' For March 18, 2009    Story Here
Published:Wednesday, March 18, 2009
John Gideon

Yesterday the s**t hit the fan for Diebold/Premier in California and the splatter may be even more widespread than just in California. If you think that is a bit graphic then read the articles from California about the revelations that came from the public hearing held by the Secretary of State, Debra Bowen. One panelist asked Diebold’s western area representative if the company has done anything at all about problems revealed as a result of the Humboldt County Transparency Project. On the subject of audit logs being wiped with no trace and inaccurate timestamps, Justin Bale could only say “We’re now looking at it as a priority”. Bale also admitted that these problems existed, and have always existed in their software. It was correctly pointed out by Lowell Finley of Bowen’s office that each of these problems should have kept that system from passing testing at both the federal and state levels. Bales tried as best he could to put as much of the blame over onto Humbold Co. Clerk Carolyn Crnich but in the best line of the hearing she shot back, "if you are saying that your system needs to be checked every damn time you turn it on, then I agree with you."

Big Questions about Voting Machines (VA)    Story Here  Archive
Published:Wednesday, March 18, 2009
Julia O'Donoghue Reston Connection 18 March 2009
After the polls closed last week, one voting machine reported that 724 people had used it, even though officials at the Fairview precinct had recorded only 707 people walking through the door. There was also another voting machine at Fairview, which had already tallied 348 of the 707 votes.

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