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'Daily Voting News' For January 13, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

Recently it was revealed that the Humboldt Election Transparency Project had found that the county’s Diebold/Premier voting system had lost 197 ballots. Today Kim Zetter of WiredBlog, in one of our featured articles, revealed that the GEMS audit logs not only don’t answer questions about how the 197 ballots were lost but don’t answer many questions at all. Zetter also reveals that the state of California is investigating the lost ballots and these “Greek” audit logs. One of the featured interviews in Zetter’s article is with Doug Jones of Uof Iowa. His comments are discussed in our second featured article.

'Daily Voting News' For January 12, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

It seems as if every year brings a new battle. This year some in state election administrations are going to be pushing internet voting as if it was a good idea. They will ignore all of the scientific evidence to the contrary. The simple fact is that the internet is a fine platform to get voting information and ballots to military and overseas voters but there is no way the internet is secure enough to allow voters to actually cast a ballot. This is not just my opinion but it was the opinion of the Dept. of Defense in 2004 when they cancelled their plans to allow the military to vote using the internet. It is also the opinion of the National Institute of Standards and Technology who recently issued a report that clearly states the internet is not yet a secure platform for voting.

'Daily Voting News' For January 10 and 11, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

As Humboldt Co California Registrar of Voters Carolyn Crnich reveals that the Humboldt Election Transparency Project has found another problem with the Nov. general election vote count it is also being revealed that the decision to move away from Diebold/Premier was made in Nov. The decision was made and those involved were sworn to secrecy. Now there is a move by some in the county, including the local Republican Party, to slow down the process so decisions can be discussed. This sounds like a smart decision.

'Daily Voting News' For January 09, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

In New Jersey there is a lawsuit that has been going through the court process since 2004. The complaint asks the State Superior Court to block the use of nearly 8,000 Sequoia Advantage DREs because they “cannot be relied upon to protect the fundamental right to vote”. This lawsuit probably paid some large part in legislation that required voting machines used in the state to be outfitted with a VVPAT.

'Daily Voting News' For January 08, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon
The media is being fairly silent today. Hillsborough Co Florida is still in the news with some reports that there may be a million dollars of more that are missing. The county is trying to do an audit while, at the same time, an outside audit is being done. The ex-supervisor of elections claims that the outside audit will find nothing wrong (of course he will say that right up to the point that the auditors announce they found money misspent or lost).  &&&We’ve also got reports of what may be a new problem from Montgomery Co Ohio. In this case votes were lost due to the use of a “broken” Diebold/Premier memory card. Of course, Diebold/Premier will do an investigation so they can figure out how to blame the problem on the voter or election workers.

Broken memory card blamed in lost ballots (OH)    Story Here  Archive
Lynn Hulsey Dayton Daily News 08 January 2009
DAYTON — The maker of Montgomery County's electronic voting machines is blaming a damaged memory card for the loss of five ballots on Election Day.

'Daily Voting News' For January 07, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

A bulk of this evening’s news is again from Hillsborough Co Florida where more is being revealed about the audit of the supervisor of elections financial dealings and, of course, the Minnesota senatorial recount where Coleman has taken to the courts in what will probably be a futile attempt to get his seat back.

'Daily Voting News' For January 06, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

As expected the Minnesota senatorial recount is going to court. &&&If you have been reading this space for the past couple of weeks you know that auditors have been asked to review the financial records of Buddy Johnson’s Hillsborough Co Florida supervisor of elections office. Just why did Buddy, the outgoing supervisor, go to the county and ask for $2.3M for cost overruns? It seems the auditors have found more mysteries than they have found answers.

'Daily Voting News' For January 04 and 05, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

“There can be little doubt that, of the issues springing from elections held since President Bush signed the Help America Vote Act of 2002 (HAVA), two are among the most significant. Those issues are failures of voting systems to be accessible and accurate and the confusion over the proper use of provisional ballots.” ”The states should have been able to look to the federal Election Assistance Commission (EAC) for guidance on both issues, but the EAC failed to give the necessary Assistance, thus failing to fulfill duties assigned to the agency by federal law. Now it is proposing to extend its dereliction of duty for another two years.” Thus begins our featured article.

'Daily Voting News' For January 02 and 03, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

I guess the best I can say about today’s DVN is that it is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

'Daily Voting News' For December 30, 2008 to January 01, 2009    Story Here
John Gideon

We would like pass on our hopes that you have a wonderfully successful year in 2009. There will be struggles and there is certainly a lot of work to do including with elections. VotersUnite.Org will spend this year doing all we can to decrease vendor control over elections and hold vendors accountable for their failure to provide the goods and services they promise. We will also work hard to hold those who are supposed to have oversight over elections responsible for their failures. In other words, it will be a busy year this year.

'Daily Voting News' For December 27 to 29, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Over a week ago Sequoia issued a press release and a blog item that were misleading in their content. In both cases the headline intimated, amongst other things, that Princeton Professor Andrew Appel was ordered by a New Jersey judge to apologize to Sequoia for supposed violations of a court order. In our featured article the Professor responds to the misleading statements made by Sequoia.

'Daily Voting News' For December 25 and 26, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Today we have more from Maryland where the state’s Attorney General has filed a claim against Premier/Diebold to force the vendor to pay for the problems the state’s voting machines have encountered. If every state would do the same thing the vendors might actually realize it is their responsibility to put out a product that they test and warrant against defect. Maybe it is time for the EAC to actually do their job and ensure federal laws with regards to voting systems are met.

'Daily Voting News' For December 24, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Yesterday in this space I told you that yesterday would be the last DVN for the week. Well, that was before today’s news. I just couldn’t stay away and there are three stories that I feel are important. First in ‘National’ news are two articles for those interested in Internet voting. Second, as you know I have been discussing Hillsborough Co Florida and the fact that lame-duck election supervisor Buddy Johnson was trying to get $2.3M out of the county to cover cost overruns. Instead of doing as Buddy expected and just giving him the money they began an audit and they are finding more questions than answers. Buddy may have a lot to explain for in the coming months. And from Maryland comes the news that the state has filed an $8.5M claim against Diebold/Premier to cover the state’s costs to fix flaws in the voting system the state purchased from the vendor.

'Daily Voting News' For December 22 and 23, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

This will be the last DVN until this coming weekend. VotersUnite.Org would like to express our wishes for a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all who have done so much for our democracy over this past year. Those of you who have been a part of the Election Integrity Community, Election Officials, concerned citizens and voters have all done a masterful job in helping to make our democracy work. Our job is not done yet but we have made strides and we will, with everyone’s help, continue to make strides to protect our democracy. Thank you for your assistance when we have asked for donations. Your help has been very much appreciated and has helped to keep us moving forward. Thank you.

'Daily Voting News' For December 20 and 21, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Posted on Thursday is the featured blog by New Jersey computer scientist Andrew Appel. In the blog and linked video Professor Appel shows how easy it is to remove and replace new security seals installed on the machines in New Jersey by Sequoia and the state. The professor also points out that the addition of these security seals is just another smoke-screen from Sequoia. It took him 7 minutes the first time he removed and replaced the seals.

'Daily Voting News' For December 19, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Colorado has a new Secretary of State; the Senate vote recount in Minnesota may have finally shown who won the election; Mississippi and Oklahoma are two of a few states that are looking at how to suppress the vote by requiring VoterID; and more on the Pennsylvania court decision of Tuesday.

'Daily Voting News' For December 18, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon
Pennsylvania voters challenging the continued use of unverifiable electronic voting machines in their state won another major round on Tuesday when the Pennsylvania Supreme Court issued a ruling allowing their case to proceed toward trial. The state’s highest court, in a one-sentence order, denied the Pennsylvania Secretary of State’s petition seeking permission to appeal a lower court ruling decided in the voters’ favor. In April 2007, the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania had ruled that voters have a right under the Pennsylvania Constitution to reliable and secure voting systems and can challenge the use of electronic voting machines “that provide no way for Electors to know whether their votes will be recognized” through voter verification or independent audit. Following that ruling, Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortés filed his petition before the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and further proceedings in the case, Banfield v. Cortés, had been suspended pending the outcome of the petition. The order issued on Tuesday gives a green light for the voters to pursue their claims.”

'Daily Voting News' For December 17, 2008    Story Here
John Gideon

Hillsborough Co Florida outgoing election chief, Buddy Johnson, wanted $2.3M from the county to cover election cost overruns from the Nov. election. Stupidly Johnson did not bother showing up to appear before the county supervisors so they could ask him questions. The supervisors took his no-show as an insult and they have deferred any decision until they can review the election office’s records. Meanwhile the Maryland Board of Public Works has approved a contract between the state and Premier/Diebold for $974,000 for six months to cover municipal elections within the state. That contract could add up to $1.4M if two three month options are exercised. All of this even though the state is scrapping their paperless DREs at the end of next year in place of a paper based system. And, after the reports of Diebold accuracy failures in Humboldt Co, California the county has decided to scrap their present system and replace it with machines provided by Hart Intercivic. The ion of Hart is a bit strange in light of the fact that Hart has removed themselves from all EAC certification testing. They will not, in the future, have a voting system that has been tested to the voting system standards and certified by the EAC.

Audit shows issues with area voting machines (OH)    Story Here  Archive
Lynn Hulsey Dayton Daily News 17 December 2008
DAYTON — The Montgomery County Board of Elections found additional problems with voting equipment during a state ordered audit, elections director Steve Harsman said Tuesday, Dec. 16.

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